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the East - business thin, and frequently to Europeans is difficult to understand local traditions.

However fondoviki Tokyo and Hong Kong the
never aspired to transfer house usages to operational halls of stock exchanges and remained in an operating time are true
to the laws deduced when - that stockbrokers of Europe and America. On Monday on
stock exchanges of Pacific region ball the law " corrected; unexpected news “
saying that the more unexpectedly news, the is stronger its influence on share
the market. Local observers marked sharp falling of indexes all the largest
stock exchanges, except for Tokyo where the index grew the seventh day successively.
Analysts have been rather surprised by that contrary to their forecasts the index
Nikkei - 225 continued to rise and yesterday, having raised on 48,66 points to
18086,18. Local experts connected it with the appeared hearings that
the government will shortly undertake any steps on stimulation
national economy. “ similar hearings - not a rarity, and term of their influence
it is smallest “ - has noted in interview to correspondent REUTER one of Tokyo
experts. Experts were not ready to answer a question why these hearings suddenly
became such fatal, and, the main thing why the Japanese stock market in
difference from others has not reacted in any way to political problems of Russia.
“ hardly actions will be actively on sale. Investors want, that the prices on
actions remained high at least till March, 31st when comes to an end
fiscal year “ - has told REUTER one of local brokers.
While Japanese discussed proceeding increase of the index,
index Hang Seng in Hong Kong has been struck by criticism of the Chinese prime minister in
to a colony, which governor Chris Petten has made property of publicity in
Friday. “ English - the Chinese negotiations it is not enough hopes of renewal, and
after all these hopes lifted an index “ - has noted in interview REUTER one
from local brokers. “ it is difficult to present something worse a present condition
the market “ - other broker has told, making comments on morning falling of an index on
5,73 %. By the end of day, however, stockbrokers managed to rectify some situation,
and the general fall of an index for a day has made 339,38 points with result
Something similar have tested on itself and fondoviki Australia. Their hopes to see in
the governmental offices of representatives of conservative opposition have failed,
when results of federal parliamentary elections have been declared.
labour plans to make Australia republic have forced voters
to forget about economic failures of the government and to vote for it that
became absolute unexpectedness for the majority fondovikov. An index of actions,
bringing the greatest dividends (named on exchange slenge blue chips,
that - is “ blue counters “) - All Ordinaries has gone down in the morning on 43 points
to 1618,5 and, on a trope of one of brokers, “ the south " continued to move
with a speed ` full speed ` a course;. According to experts, reaction
Australian fondovikov in any way does not reflect their sights at a monarchy. “ the queen
Elizabeth we and so we see only in photos. Actually Australia
already became for a long time republic “ - one of dealers on
to a stock exchange has noticed to correspondent REUTER. Many experts, truth, cυξδθλθρό in opinion that reaction share
stock exchanges on results of parliamentary elections is a little exaggerated. One of brokers
has noticed that already by the end of day fondoviki will understand that the victory of labourites is
yet a doomsday, and day falling will not be more than 15 points. He has added:
“ All is pure psychology. We lost nothing, win this or that
party. Simply at a victory of conservatives we would receive more “. Forecasts
have appeared true only partially: day falling of an index has made
35,1 points to 1626,4.
Contract price of barrel North Sea brent - mixes with delivery in April
has slightly raised and has made $18,95, and gold in the Asian markets went
on $327,95 for trojskuju ounce (against the price of $328,00 in New York on Friday
in the evening).