Rus News Journal

At customs

Here and one more day minul on the Russian customs posts. This time among the cargoes which have arrived on customs from - for a boundary, have been registered large enough (anyway, in comparison with the beginning of week) home appliances parties. And as a whole any especial or unforeseen shocks did not occur. It, however, also followed expect: domestic customs - one of few places where people with confidence look in tomorrow which, for certain, will be sated material, and sometimes even by cultural wealth. As they say, the wind comes and leaves, falls back into place also finds the Russian customs posts there where they stood, in an integrity and safety.
having got rid podobru - pozdorovu in the Russian limits every possible numerous office equipment and the cars serving of the Moscow regional customs have decided to be engaged properly in technics household. As it was already told in the beginning of this chronicle, the big contribution to business of saturation of the Russian currency commercial shops was brought by firm Color. To the capital representation it has received very large party of various samples of the home appliances, made 25 t. So for example, customs inspection have passed more than 10 t washing machines, and as also other kinds of electrohome appliances among which it is necessary to note especially the remarkable juice extractors (3), capable to exploit everything. Some more parties with production of this firm one of these odd-come-shortlies are expected. Together with juice extractors on sale there will be refrigerators (7) and freezing chambers (1), also firm Color manufactures. It is necessary to hope that with such technics any a love boat will not break about a life, or, anyway, any life not zaest. Attracts attention production of firm Sun Industry which also have forced these days many to work of serving posts of the Moscow regional customs. This time it has been presented by power installations in gross weight 50 t. Good acquisition should receive shortly and the Moscow firm shop Farn and Swanson is a container with the best samples of the teleequipment, delivered of Germany in number of 8 t. Therefrom in the Russian capital it has been sent 1,5 more t spare parts to German TVs of various marks. From Japan, in turn, profits 2,5 t the expendable materials used for service of copiers of firm Canon. As to the car of mark Mercedes - 350, arrived from Finland it has quite safely taken place all formalities of customs inspection, however the main test - the Russian roads - for it, of course, still ahead. Have arrived to Moscow 10 t the German industrial equipment, most likely, for brewing manufacture. Germans, most likely, do not want to complicate life of east neighbours excessively difficult technologies, and prefer to make simply useful and pleasant. This party accompanied 0,4 t spare parts to the industrial equipment of the French manufacture which appointment is not established yet.
Besides, in limits of the Moscow region the container with the Italian office equipment of manufacture of firm Olivetti has arrived. In it there was a party of electronic calculators and typewriters (1,2), and also 0,5 t cash registers. It is necessary as to note occurrence at customs of cash registers of the German manufacture of 200 kg. Probably, in Russia has come it is time to count the big money. But, as it is known that money loves not only the account, but also safety, in our country has been delivered also 1,5 t safes of the Belgian manufacture.
As to the Italian goods, it is so good familiar to the Russian citizens they these days were imported on a customs warehouse of the joint venture NVIINK (t. 327 - 75 - 43). Warehouse have replenished with leather footwear of the various sizes, man`s and female boots, winter half boots and low shoes. Besides, the present man`s boots have been delivered to warehouses, not " also; vague in which it is not a shame to seem in any society. Together taken, these parties total about 20 thousand pairs.
the import clothes and footwear has been this time presented variously enough. So on the Moscow customs posts the big parties of footwear of manufacture of German firm Salamander (11,2, for example, have visited. From Greece it has been delivered 3,5 t leather jackets. Have been registered this day and the leather jackets of the American origin (7) which have arrived to Russia thanks to efforts of firm Compro. Have come to customs officers and well familiar Chinese visitors - the down-padded coats (12) arriving to Moscow and other cities of the country with an enviable constancy at any time of year.
the big return of forces and energy was required the past days from serving customs posts of St.-Petersburg. This time on city customs the large party of the Finnish has arrived is repair - building materials - 30 t. Most likely, they will be involved at reconstruction of any old house under currency hotel or office centre. The export deliveries passing through customs posts of St.-Petersburg were rather various also. So, for example, to Poland the big party of eggs of a domestic production (15) has been sent. Not one of eggs has not burst at customs inspection passage.
at the Sochi customs two citizens of Abkhazia who carried to Russia 2 raketnitsy, to pomegranate RGD - 5 and 4 trotyl draughts have been detained. On - visible, the Sochi customs officers, being approximate patriots, have decided to save Russian VPK from a competition from private persons.