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the PHOTOCENTER (Gogol - r, 8, bodies. (095) 290 - 41 - 88): the exhibition of a monumental sculpture, a sculptural portrait and a stone plasticity of a member of the Union of artists of Russia Evgenii Shtejman - Derevjanko continues the work. The exhibition is spent by association Djagilev - Tsentr within the limits of the international festival Diaghilev`s seasons . The exhibition works till March, 23rd.
ACADEMY OF ARTS (street Prechistenka, 21, bodies. (095) 201 - 30 - 52): today there begins the work an exhibition of theatrical artists Michael Kurilko and Michael Kurilko - Ryumin. Painting and a drawing will be presented.
In the Bolshoi theatre - P.I.Tchaikovsky opera the QUEEN OF SPADES .
In MHATe of Chekhov - performance PLAYERS XXI under N. V.Gogol`s play Players . Director Oleg Efremov. In performance are occupied Innokenty Smoktunovsky, Oleg Efremov, Alexander Kalyagin, Gennady Hazanov, Vyacheslav Nevinnyj.
at Small theatre - display of premier performance HOT HEART under A.N.Ostrovsky`s play.
at Satire Theatre - display of premier performance VICTOR, OR CHILDREN In power black Rozhe Vitraka comedy. Director Francois Roshe (Switzerland). Roles execute Igor Kostolevsky, Yury Vasilev, Elena Romanov, Alexander Voevodin, Raisa Etush, etc.
At Theatre - Oleg Tabakova`s studios - the play of Timberlejk Vertenbejker FOR the FATHERLAND BLESSING directed by Irina Brown.
at Theatre of Stanislavsky - Daniel Ginka`s play the BALD BRUNETTE . Oleg Babitsky`s statement, Mark Poljakova`s scenography. Roles execute Peter Mamonov, Denis Burgazliev and Lyudmila Lushina.
SANKT - Petersburg
At the Maryinsky Theater - performance of Academy of Russian ballet by it. Vaganovoj, devoted to memory of ballet master Konstantin Sergeeva.
In Big Drama Theatre of Tovstonogova - performance AMADEUS under the play of Petera Sheffera directed by George Tovstonogova.
At small drama theatre - performance BROTHERS And SISTERS under Feodor Abramova`s novel directed by Dodin`s Lion. In leading roles Peter Simak, Natalia Fomenko, Sergey Bekhterev, Igor Ivanov.
At a cinema the World - the new feature film " all the week long will be shown; MISLAID In Siberia (Russia - Great Britain). Director Alexander Mitta.
SANKT - Petersburg
In a philharmonic society of jazz music - EVENING of the TRADITIONAL JAZZ. Acts Leningrad diksilend .
In the Movie centre on Presne in 18. 00 the MEETING With DIRECTOR ANDREY ESHPAEM will take place. Within the limits of a meeting the film " will be shown; HUMILIATED And OFFENDED under F. M.Dostoevsky`s novel. In leading roles of Nastasja Kinski and Nikita Mikhalkov.