Rus News Journal

The chronicle of road problems

As classics liked to use to say, the idea becomes material force when

seizes weights. It seems that the idea of spring more and more seizes weights warm
air, moving to Russia from Atlantic. It is simultaneously observed
so consecutive deviation of frosty air for Ural Mountains and further,
where Makar of calfs did not drive. In Moscow struggle of opposite ideas should
lead today to occurrence dank tuchek and opposite deposits (cold
a rain passing during indecently warm snow), northern, where - that even
severo - the western wind and compromise temperature: at night 0 ... - 5 , in the afternoon
0 ... +5 . It is not required to an ingenious insight to deduce from
the aforesaid absolute probability of occurrence of ice on roads
For certain you repeatedly at speeding up of tram ways heard
a protesting creak and surprised krjakane suspension brackets of your car.
It seems that road services have decided to eliminate in some places a source sharp
sensations. For example in Timirjazevsky street, opposite to the house #44 repair
S has begun - a figurative site of tram ways therefore passing a part (if
to try to go towards Pryanishnikov`s street) is blocked. Temporarily to go round
this obstacle dorozhniki offer on an oncoming traffic strip, but have
in a kind that a counter stream of transport, bending around a hole, taking place to be
opposite to the house #45, it appears in several metres before you. During dark time
days this field of operations is not shined, and even lampposts standing close by not
throw here a uniform ray of light. Therefore experts suggest
to use Dmitrovsky highway, the Big Academic street, but in any
a case not closed for journey of motor transport by avenue Listvennichnoj.
with satisfaction we inform that a dredge in the Koptevsky street, mentioned
in to the Chronicle one week ago in communication (or apropos) with installation at the house #85
bordjurnogo a stone, at last it is cleaned from a roadside on a lawn. It is not known, whether mighty force of a printing word or the decision has played
the role it was accepted, as always,
on irrational motives, however to relax early as works
have moved to the house #81.
the Tendency to raspolzaniju was found out by a roadwork conducted on Trifonovsky
to street which, having begun from street Is exemplary, have already passed through street
October and all steal up to the Olympic prospectus more close. In this connection
for journey the crossroads of Trifonovsky street with street
the Soviet Army became inconvenient also. The detour while is possible under the Olympic prospectus and street
the Sushchevsky Shaft.
earlier incidental stopper in Lobnensky street, before a crossroads with
Dmitrovsky highway, became now chronic. It is connected by that nearby
the autoshop " is located; the Zhiguli and parking being opposite for
the cars, usually occupied with tents of businessmen, has found now
a metal fencing and the parking on it became problematic of - for wandering
between tents of potential buyers of spare parts. Cars of buyers and
some sellers are put now along roadsides in the neighbourhood with stops
public transport, and of a stopper are at the bottom. A detour - on streets
800 - letija Moscow and Car-repair.