Rus News Journal

Column “ Misfortunes “

Five persons were lost on the night of Saturday in a mountain kishlak of Aktash of the Samarkand area of Uzbekistan from - for a landslip descent. According to preliminary data, as a result of heavy rains (in separate areas of area for the days off has dropped out to two monthly norms of deposits) and the landslips caused by them and earth flows nine hydroconstructions and six bridges are destroyed. Under a dirt layer there were 44 km of channels, thousand hectares of fields, transmission lines are damaged.

In Krasnoyarsk region on the main oil pipeline Anzhero - Sudzhensk - Irkutsk has on Saturday morning occurred rupture of a pipe to the subsequent ignition of oil. The failure, which reason is established, has happened around settlement Bottom Pojma of Nizhneingashsky area. Has flowed out about 5 thousand t. The oil which part has got to the river the Lattice. Flashed fire thanks to actions of firemen managed to be extinguished before it has reached apartment houses. Movement of trains on a site of Ujar - Taishet was carried out on a roundabout way.

on March, 14th in Moscow in the street Paliha in a premise rented by the limited liability company “ mosinoptorg “ fire has flashed. As a result of a fire which reason while is unknown, the furniture and wooden partitions of a premise have scorched.

two workers have burnt down in razlivochnom a ladle of metallurgical manufacture of machine-building factory of Lenin in Perm. The flame of unexpectedly joined torch maintaining in a ladle temperature of liquid metal, has instantly rushed on workers. The tragedy has occurred while they prepared a ladle for the next release of a steel from an open-hearth furnace.

two air crashes which have done without victims, have occurred on Kamchatka on Saturday. Helicopter Mi has got to one of them - 8 Halaktyrsky aviation enterprises which has carried 20 fishermen on winter fishing and, having flown by hundred metres, has failed. Other incident has happened about carrying out training flight by plane the Instant - 31 at which both engines have lighted up, and the crew had to catapult.

60 persons have burnt down alive as a result of a car accident in Nigeria. The tragedy has occurred on a highway connecting the central areas of the country with the city of Lafia. The Bus driver, trying to avoid collision with truck standing at a roadside, has left on a counter strip where ran into a small pickup. In a flash both cars were filled with a flame, passengers and the bus, and a pickup were lost.

on suburb the cities of Kasabermeha (Spain) the bus following from the city of Malaga to Granada has fallen in the river. In the conditions of a torrential rain the bus has brought on dim road, and it has fallen from breakage in height of 25 metres. Was lost five persons, 33 more have got wounds.

yesterday in the morning at headquarters plant of chemical concern “ Hehst “ In Frankfurt am Main (Germany) powerful explosion has thundered. Explosion and the fire caused by it have occurred on a complex on manufacture of glue and have led to that in atmosphere has been thrown out unknown while quantity of the chemical compounds containing methyl spirit. One worker was lost. The cause of accident is not established yet.

strong earthquake (6,3 points under the Richter scale) have occurred on the night of Saturday in hundred kilometres from island Futuna - possession of France in Pacific ocean. As a result of the disaster three persons became which victims, and it is wounded nearby 20, the big material damage is put island.

by miracle it was possible to avoid  destruction to passengers and crew of the plane of airline “ Kenya ejruejz “ flying from Nairobi (Kenya) in Gift - es - Salam (Tanzania). After some minutes after launch the bird ran into a liner windshield. Despite the big durability, glass has broken, having wounded the commander of crew. Thanks to actions of the second pilot the plane has returned and has safely landed at the airport of Nairobi.