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52 - 0005129

To/ at property IP Kuznetsova S. P (Ur, Izhevsk, street of 10 years of October, 27-52, OGRNIP 306183136100032, an INN 183400403229) Bajazov V. K (NP SRO Parity Moscow) holds the auctions by means of the public offer on fall on sale of debt receivable IP of Kuznetsova Stanislav Leonidovicha (an INN 183468902383) at a rate of 28 468 086,83 rbl. before IP Kuznetsova S.P. Demands are accepted from the first Monday after the publication of the given message in the newspaper the Businessman to the address: Ur, Izhevsk, Votkinsk highway, 146, of. 211 in the working days with 9. 00 to 17. 00.

the Initial price (NTS) a prize - 21 000,00 rbl., the Deposit - 15 % (3 150,00 rbl.) From NTS a prize. Term after which consistently decreases NTS - 7 dn. After 7 dn. The price decreases on 5 % from NTS sold property, sale floor price - 50 % from NTS. Payment of the got prize is made by the winner within 30 days from the date of signing of the contract of purchase and sale. The purchase and sale contract subscribes within 10 days from the moment of signing of the report on results of the auctions.

the deposit for participation in the auctions to list on r/ with 40802810600000011291, IP Kuznetsova S. P, an INN 183400403229, in Open Society Ural Trastovyj Bank Izhevsk, to/ with 30101810200000000869, BIK 049401869.

to Familiarize with the demand form, treaty provisions, and as with order of granting of documents and to requirements to documents, data on object of sale, the organisation of the auctions and dop. The information it is possible to the address: 426039, Ur, Izhevsk, Votkinsk highway, 146, of. 211, bodies.: (3412 45 - 83 - 17.