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the Competitive managing director Joint-Stock Company Uslonstroj (an INN 1615005206, OGRN 1041640600022) Chichaev Sergey Ivanovich (the organizer of the auctions) informs on auction carrying out (opened on structure of participants and the form of the offer of the price, by a principle of increase of the price) on personal estate sale: Tractor DT - 75 1992 of release the initial price 75 000,0 rbl. the Step of 3 %, the deposit of 10 % from the initial price is brought not later than 2 days before date of carrying out of auction on r/ from Joint-Stock Company Uslonstroj 40702810000000004876 in Open Society AkiBank Emb. Boats, BIK 049240803, to/ with 30101810100000000803. For participation in auction the applicant submits: the demand; an extract from EGRJUL; the power of attorney on the representative; a passport copy; an INN; the payment document confirming payment of the deposit. Auction will take place 03. 08. 10 in 10 ch. 00 mines to the address of the organizer of the auctions: 423821, RT, Emb. Boats, avenue Sjujumbike, 66, 107; ph. 57 - 02 - 22; np auz@mail. ru. In a case if auction will be recognised by not taken place, 10. 08. 2010 in 10. 00 on the same conditions and on the same address repeated auction with decrease in the initial price of a prize on 10 % will be spent. Acquaintance with documents, property and demands acceptance for participation in auction are carried out to the address of carrying out of auction on the working days with 8 to 17 ch. To 02. 08. 10 (on the first auction), to 09. 08. 10 (on repeated auction). The winner the participant who has offered the greatest price for a prize admits. The purchase and sale contract consists not later than 10 days from the date of carrying out of auction and signing of the report on results of auction. Payment within 20 days from the date of the conclusion. The deposit comes back, if auctions have not taken place, and also to not won persons.