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the Organizer of the auctions: the Competitive managing director Open Company Ceramics (an INN 1639025770, OGRN 1031605005860, 423877, RT, Tukaevsky r - n, with. Betki, street Zarechnaja, d. 2) Galiullin R. R informs that 14. 08. 2010 on Prizes 1 - in 8 ch. 00., 2 - in 9 ch. 00., 3 - 10 ch. 00 m. to the address: Kazan, G.Tukaja`s street, d. 57, the open auctions in the form of auction on increase on sale of property of Open Company " are held; Ceramics .

the Name, structure, the description, technical characteristics and the property location: the Prize 1 - Dredge EK, Nach. The price 964600., the Prize 2 - Samosval Zil MMZ 4502, the Semitrailer odaz 9385 (it is burdened by pledge) Nach. The price - 76400 rbl., the Prize 3 - the Press shnekovyj SMK - 435, Engine T - 130, Engine DT, the Furnace sushilnaja double-thread, Nach. The price - 466900 rbl.

the Information on property - to the address of the organizer and on bodies.: 89600670659.

Application forms for participation in auction are accepted in the slave. Days from 8:00 to 12:00 hour. Within 25 working days from the date of the publication to the tendering address. For participation in auction it are given to the organizer when due hereunder: the written application form for participation corresponding to requirements of item 11. Item 110 of the Law of the Russian Federation 127 - FZ, an extract from EGRJUL/ IP, the document on powers of the person who are carrying out actions, the document on deposit entering, the passport, the document confirming that the applicant is not in process of liquidation (in the free form, signed by the head and heads. The bookkeeper), the payment order with a bank mark about write-off of money resources, the decision on approval of the large transaction, the consent of the spouse (spouse) on property acquisition (notarially assured), the inquiry from Federal Agency of court enforcement officers, about absence of the raised executive manufactures concerning the applicant, given out not earlier than 30 days before the demands acceptance termination, the inventory of the presented documents. To participation in auction are supposed fiz./ jur. The persons in due time made an application on participation in auction and applied on it documents, concluded the contract on the deposit, brought the deposit - 10 % from nach. The prices of a prize for the basic r/ from Open Company Ceramics 40702810200210000023 in Open Society AKB BTA - Kazan to/ with 30101810900000000798, BIK 049205798, an INN/ a check point 1653016689/ 165801001, on Lota 2 deposit is listed on r/ with 40702810600020006192 in Open Society AKB BTA - Kazan To/ with 30101810900000000798, BIK 049205798, an INN/ a check point 1653016689/ 165801001. Time of registration of participants of the auctions for 15. Prior to the beginning of the auctions. An auction step - 5 % from nach. The prize prices. The winner of auction the participant who has offered the highest price admits. Summarising of auction - 14. 08. 2010 in 17 ch. 00 m. signing of the contract of purchase and sale within 10 days from the date of signing of the report on results of tendering to the tendering address. Payment of the price of sale - during 10 kalend. Days from the date of signing of the contract of purchase and sale Transfer under the transfer certificate after payment.

the contract draught on the deposit

Kazan, date.

the competitive managing director of Open Company Ceramics called further the Organizer in the name of Galiullina R. R operating on the basis of the decision __, on the one hand, and __, called further the Participant In the person __, operating on the basis __, on the other hand, have concluded the present contract as follows:

1. The participant transfers into account the Debtor the deposit in size __ rbl. for participation in the auctions on sale of property of the debtor on a prize __ as proof of the conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale and in maintenance of its execution.

2. The participant is obliged to provide receipt specified in item 1 of the present Contract of money resources on the settlement account in time provided for giving of demands.

3. The deposit brought by the Participant is set off on account of payment of property got at the auctions, at the conclusion when due hereunder with it of the purchase and sale contract.

4. At refusal of the Participant of signing of the Report on results of the auctions and (or) contracts of purchase and sale of property, not to payment of cost of property in target dates, it loses the right to its acquisition, and the sum of the deposit brought by it does not come back.

5. In a case if the Participant took part in the auctions, but has not won them, the Debtor undertakes to return the sum of the deposit brought by the Participant within 5 (five) working days from the date of signing of the Report on results of the auctions.

6. Addresses, requisites and signatures of the parties.

the purchase and sale contract subscribes with the winner of the auctions as it should be and the terms provided by item 110 FZ the Russian Federation About an inconsistency (bankruptcy) .