Rus News Journal

27 - 0005863

To/ at Open Society Zernoprodukt Praskova E. V (organizer) informs on sale by means of the public offer to them - va raspolozh.: the Amur region, with. Tambovka, street Labour, 18. the Prize 1 the Warehouse 15, uninhabited, 1956 of the item, S=1222,2 sq. m, the initial price 81 508,50 rbl.; the Prize 2 the Warehouse 14, uninhabited, 1956 of the item, S=1222,2 sq. m, the initial price 81 508,50 rbl.; the Prize 3 Pump, uninhabited, 1988 of the item, S=10,2 sq. m, the initial price 22 495,50 rbl.; the Prize 4 the Water tower, uninhabited, 1965 of the item, S=73,6 sq. m, the initial price 53 361,00 rbl.; the Prize 5 the Protection of territory 1421,4 pog. Metre (ferro-concrete 1411,0 items of m., from metalloprofilja 10,4 items of m.) 1949 of the item, the initial price 254 984,40 rbl. the demands acceptance Beginning - 05. 07. 2010 of the Demand move in proizv. To the form also should contain preboxes. About the price it - va, which not below the price established for the certain period. The deposit of 10 % from the initial price. The deposit is subject to entering into day of application on r/ from Open Society Zernoprodukt an INN 2827001188, r/ with 40702810400120000684 in Blagoveshchensk Joint-Stock Company branch rajffajzenbank Blagoveshchensk, BIK 041012788, to/ with 30101810400000000788. On the demand are applied - the deposit contract, dock - t about deposit entering, and also the passport (for physical persons); certificate OGRN, an INN, constituent documents (for legal persons); OGRN, an INN and the passport (for IP). A demands acceptance and granting place dop. Information: 675000, the Amur region, Blagoveshchensk, street of Lomonosov, 223, t. 89145630036. Demands acceptance time - the working days from 10 o`clock till 16 o`clock. The initial price in case of absence of demands is subject to consecutive reduction by 10 % after each five working days from the date of the publication. Floor price of sale of 60 % of the initial price. To familiarise with property it is possible in a place of its finding. Consideration of demands in day of receipt. The winner - the person, the first made an application corresponding to requirements, with the appendix of all dock - ov. From the date of definition of the winner, demands acceptance stops. The conclusion a mastiff - ra purchase and sale in tech. 5 dn. From the moment of signing of the report on results of the public offer, payment within 20 days from the date of contract signing.