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the Organizer of the auctions - the competitive managing director Open Company RSU - 10 informs on carrying out of the repeated open auctions in the form of open auction on sale of property of the debtor - the bankrupt which will take place 10. 08. 2010 in 11. 00 hours of local time to the address: the Kemerovo region, Kemerovo, avenue Kuznetsk, 43, of. 7.

Term of giving of demands and payment of the deposit within 25 days from the date of the publication of the given announcement. Demands to direct: 650000, Kemerovo, avenue Kuznetsk, 43, of. 7.

the Deposit - 10 %. To list in the Kemerovo branch AK promtorgbank r/ with 40702810002000001112, to/ with 30101810800000000795, BIK 043207795 or in cash desk of the debtor.

to the demand are put: The demand, certified copies of the charter, the certificate on state registration, INN certificates, an extract from EGRJUL, EGRIP, powers of the head and the authorised representative, for physical persons - the demand, a passport copy, for all persons - proofs of entering of the deposit.

an auction step - 5 %.

the Subject of the auctions:

the Prize 1: Office office equipment, the initial price 59 299,95 rbl.; the Prize 2: Office furniture, the initial price 21 263,46 rbl.; the Prize 3: the Electric equipment, the initial price 285 588,62 rbl.; the Prize 4: Commodity - material assets (building materials and other stocks), the initial price 1 921 599,70 rbl.; the Prize 5: the Debt receivable (14 debtors, an amount of debt 22 780 999,74 rbl.), the initial price 105 841,80 rbl.; the Prize 6: Open Company Debt receivable the Source (an amount of debt 150 000 rbl.) The initial price 42 300 rbl.; the Prize 7: Open Company Debt receivable Strojmir (an amount of debt 2 624 55,80 rbl.), the initial price 742 500 rbl.; the Prize 8: Open Company Debt receivable TD SibPromServis (an amount of debt 1 504 888,69 rbl.), the initial price 507 600 rbl.; the Prize 9: Open Company Debt receivable Region NTS (an amount of debt 755 220 rbl.) The initial price 147 600 rbl.

to Familiarize from subjects of the auctions and the corresponding documentation it is possible in coordination with the competitive managing director, inquiries by phone: 8 - 923 - 618 - 35 - 33.

the Winner of the auctions the participant of the auctions who have offered the highest price admits. The person who is the winner of the auctions, and the competitive managing director not later than in 5 days from the date of summarising of the auctions sign the purchase and sale contract.

in all the rest the organizer and participants of the auctions are guided by Position about an order, terms and sale of property of Open Company RSU - 10 from 17. 05. 2010