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Signalmen strengthen loudness

the Nizhniy Novgorod manufacturer of communication facilities for civil and military aircraft - scientifically - manufacturing enterprise “ the Tonic “ - invests more than 150 million rbl. in expansion of manufacture of radio stations, plane intercoms and devices of the speech notification. By 2014 “ the Tonic “ is going to increase volumes of output seven times - to 3 thousand devices - for deliveries of equipment to the enterprises of Incorporated aviabuilding corporation, airline U - tair and to helicopter factories. Experts say that the planned capacities will be claimed by the market under condition of the guaranteed execution of all planned contracts on the Russian aircraft from the Minister of Defence and foreign customers.

yesterday the investment council at the governor of the Nizhniy Novgorod region has approved granting of measures of not financial support of Open Company NPP “ the Tonic “ Which is going to organise a batch production of aviation equipment of a radio communication, having enclosed in the project of 153,4 million rbl. As the minister of an investment policy of region Dmitry Svatkovsky has explained, the government will help, in particular, “ to solve questions with connection to power supplying networks “. The minister has added that “ the Tonic “ it will be built in technological chains, delivering, in particular, the production on the enterprises of Incorporated aviabuilding corporation (OAK).

In NPP “ the tonic “ have specified that within the limits of the project expansion of a line of manufacture of aviation equipment of a radio communication (variants of executions of radio stations, plane intercoms, equipments of the speech notification) is planned. “ Following the results of last year capacity of this line made 400 devices, in 2010 is planned to let out 500 devices, by 2014 this indicator will grow to 3 thousand “ - chief specialist NPP " has explained; the Tonic “ Alexander Jampurin. Potential customers - aviabuilding factories (the Kazan helicopter factory, Open Society “ Kamov “ Open Society “ Rostvertol “ Kumertaussky helicopter factory and the Uhlan - Udensky aviation factory, etc.) And the aircraft repair enterprises serving airlines. Assistance of the regional government “ to the Tonic “ it is necessary first of all for rendering assistance in registration of industrial platforms, including in technopark structure “ Ankudinovka “ and an exit during the nearest four - five years on the international markets.

Open Company NPP “ the Tonic “ it is registered in January, 1992 in Nizhni Novgorod. Specialises on manufacture of aviation complexes of communication, equipment of internal communication, the speech notification, aviation radio coherent aerials. 100 % of an authorised capital stock belong to citizens of Russia. The gain following the results of 2008 has made 309,7 million rbl., net profit - 54,7 million rbl. Financial indicators for 2009 do not reveal yet.

Customers confirm presence of arrangements with “ the Tonic “. “ Short-wave radio stations of new generation which are made by “Tonic“, completely suit us, as correspond to the international standards. So within the limits of our program on updating of the equipment which is calculated approximately for five years, we will co-operate with them “ - the general director of airline U - tair Andrey Martirosov has informed. At the Nizhniy Novgorod aviabuilding factory “ the Falcon “ have informed that NPP “ the Tonic “ has entered into the list of the general designer (the register of the basic suppliers defined in the beginning of assembly manufacture - „“) on deliveries of intercoms for planes the Yak - 130. “ we have a state order for 12 planes the Yak - 130 the next three years, but with the further contracts from the Ministry of Defence while definiteness is not present “ - the assistant to the general director of aircraft factory " has explained; the Falcon “ Igor Chernichenko.

According to publisher Moscow Defense Brief Ruslana Pukhov, the next five years the Ministry of Defence and foreign buyers in aggregate zakontraktovano more than 800 planes of the Sou, the Instant, Kamov`s helicopters and Mile. “ volumes of the supplier basically can find demand in the market provided that there will be no new economic crisis when the state order of the Minister of Defence, and in the absence of strong contenders first of all is reduced. For example, now with intercoms for crews the Israeli company Orbit very actively tries to take root. Its production dorogovata and hardly will find demand in the internal Russian market, but pinch off a share in foreign contracts it can to try, having agreed about the accessories, for example, at level of the government of India buying our fighters “ - the expert speaks. In home market “ to the Tonic “ It is necessary to consider plans of the basic competitor on devices of an aviation radio communication - Nizhniy Novgorod FGUP NPP “ Flight “. Developers already sorted out relations in Federal antimonopoly service: in December, 2008 “ the Tonic “ has declared that the Minister of Defence limits a competition in the market of onboard complexes of communication, in advance defining their unique developer and the manufacturer “ Flight “ and FAS has agreed with arguments of the applicant.