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Field investigators have visited Ostankino

Employees of department of economic safety (DEB) the Ministries of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation with special troops support have spent yesterday seizure of documents in a television centre Ostankino . Action has been performed within the limits of scale operation on suppression of illegal cashing in of money. According to field investigators, all through the scheme of illegal bank operations revealed by them it has been cashed more than 315 million rbl. By data the executive producer of a broadcasting company of NTV appears in investigation materials - 36 - summer Nikita Klebanov.
field investigators 10 - go operatively - search bureau DeBa (this division is engaged in detection of offences in bank sphere) have appeared in Ostankino about 11 o`clock in the morning. Militiamen have gone at once to the premises occupied with a broadcasting company of NTV. According to field investigators, just in case they took with themselves in Ostankino members of spetsnaz, but power support it was not required : Representatives of a broadcasting company, have informed detectives, have given out the financial documentation which is necessary for criminal case investigation about illegal cashing in . After reception of documents, by data militiamen have searched an office of one of workers of a broadcasting company, whence also have withdrawn various documents.

in DEBe have confirmed that action in a television centre has been connected with investigation of the criminal case raised under item 172 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Illegal bank activity ) . Several months ago field investigators have received the information on the criminal group operating in Moscow which are engaged in illegal cashing in of money. It operated under the traditional scheme: means were spent through accounts of firms - the something ephemeral registered under lost passports, and stood out to clients cash minus commission fee which, according to field investigators, made 3 % from the listed sum. Members of group have been put under observation. And yesterday searches have been spent. searches and seizures of documents, and also other investigatory actions were spent to several addresses so it is not necessary to think that us the television centre " interested only; - militiamen have underlined. As a result on demountable apartments of members of group laptops which were used for carrying out of financial operations, payment documents have been withdrawn and etc. also passports which, according to militiamen, have been lost by their owners in 2008 - 2009 Also have been found. The documentation withdrawn yesterday, according to detectives, testifies that the group has illegally cashed more than 315 million rbl.

In DEBe have refused to name a surname of the employee of NTV, whose office was visited by field investigators. But informally they have confirmed that it is one of prospective participants of illegal cashing in. In a broadcasting company also have refused to name any names. Sources in law enforcement bodies have informed that it is a question of the executive producer of special and celebratory projects of NTV Nikita Klebanov. According to militiamen, they have data that the producer worked some years as the financial agent in the market of cashing in of money resources. Thus detectives have noticed that the site of mister Klebanov is not known to them, therefore concerning it the most any actions was not spent.

36 - the summer graduate of economic faculty VgIka mister Klebanov was the producer of programs Sunday evening with Vladimir Solovevym To a barrier Orange juice the fear Factor and also pictures the Breath - an exhalation and Europe - Asia .

Any searches in a broadcasting company was not: to us inspectors to whom their interesting documents have been presented came, - has told yesterday a press - the secretary of a broadcasting company Maria Bezborodov. - from inspectors we have learnt that NTV as business - structure does not concern investigated criminal case. As to participation in it separate physical persons - managers of separate programs working on NTV the consequence should find out their fault and solve court. We are interested in as much as possible objective investigation .

Nikita Klebanov was inaccessible yesterday to comments.