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The debt a torpedo is red

Today the government of Kirghizia will discuss the decree project about nationalisation of some the enterprises. Among them the manufacturer of torpedoes of Open Society Dastan 48 which % Bishkek last year was obliged to transfer Russia in exchange for write-off of a part of a state debt. As has found out now the Moscow which till now has not received any action of factory and consequently yet not written off debt, hopes to receive an enterprise controlling stock. To pay off with the Russian Federation intend not money, and write-off all the same debt.
that the provisional government of Kirghizia intends to nationalise in the near future some large industrial targets, among which Open Societies Dastan has informed yesterday vitse - the prime minister on judicial system and law enforcement bodies Azimbek Beknazarov. As he said, natsionaliziruemye the enterprises belonged to relatives and an environment eks - president Kurmanbeka Bakieva. Now on them investigatory actions and if it will be proved are carried out that they have been privatised illegally, all these actives will be transferred to the possession the states. Since April when to the power the provisional government led by Rozoj Otunbaevoj has come, the similar destiny has comprehended about 30 objects. By data the decree about nationalisation of the enterprises about which spoke Azimbek Beknazarov, will be already considered at cabinet council today.

Independently among all natsionaliziruemyh the enterprises costs to Open Society Dastan . Last year the destiny of this active became the reason of the serious conflict between Moscow and Bishkek. In February, 2009 the president of Kirghizia Kurmanbek Bakiev has visited Moscow and has agreed with the Russian colleague about write-off of a debt of Bishkek in front of Moscow which made $180 million In exchange for it Kirghizia was obliged to transfer 48 % of actions of this enterprise so that the Russian Federation became the supervising shareholder. The transaction suited Moscow, after all Dastan unique, but the extremely important enterprise VPK in territory of Kirghizia.

Open Society Transnational corporation Dastan it is formed in 1993 on the basis of the Bishkek Instrument-making factory of a name 50 - letija by the Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic, based in 1956. Makes high-speed underwater torpedoes VA - 111 Squall various components of the torpedo weapon which buy Russia, Ukraine and India, and also not military-oriented production: medical centrifuges, sokovarki and kazany. Has proving ground on lake Issyk - the Sack. At the enterprise works more than 1 thousand persons. In 2007 the gain has made $11,7 million, net profit $3,2 million later data did not reveal.

as told interlocutors in the government of the Russian Federation, a problem have arisen almost right after how the transaction was approved by presidents. It was found out that Kirghizia in Dastane 48 %, and only 37,665 % belong not. Other actions have been distributed among private shareholders. According to the State Property Committee of Kirghizia, in 2004 approximately 35,4 % of actions belonged to labour collective of factory, 6,9 % have been transferred the population at coupon auctions and 20 % belonged to management. However, according to interlocutors shortly after Russia has started to show interest to an active, factory actions have started to buy up Maxim Bakieva`s structures - the son of the president of Kirghizia. Maxim has put on Dastan the general director was quickly collected also by a controlling stock. And then to the Moscow which has already declared write-off of a debt, have suggested 37 % of actions to take away simply so, and all remained to redeem at the market price - specifies a source in provisional government of Kirghizia. This information is confirmed with the high-ranking interlocutor in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. Sale of factory to China was other variant.

Such perfidy of Bishkek has caused indignation in Moscow. As other arrangements of presidents of Medvedev and Bakieva have been broken also. Besides debt write-off Moscow has given out to Kirghizia the grant at a rate of $150 million and the soft loan in $300 million And president Bakiev has publicly promised this very day to close the American air base Manas . But the base in Kirghizia remained, only having replaced a signboard. As a result, the interlocutor " marks; in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the State Duma of the Russian Federation did not ratify the transaction about write-off of a part of the Kirghiz debt in exchange for actions Dastana till now. However, for Kurmanbeka Bakieva this history had much more serious consequences. When in Kirghizia there was a revolution, Russia not only has not supported svergnutogo the president, but also it has appeared the first power which has assisted provisional government.

the future nationalisation Dastana Are assured of Moscow, opens possibilities for question at issue settlement. According to the interlocutor in the government, this active on - former is interesting to Russia, that is why it is ready to return to negotiations. And a source in provisional government of Kirghizia confirms that the new authorities are ready to give Russia a controlling stock in Dastane . Considering that Russia is our basic economic partner and the donor, transfer to it Dastana which is all the same adhered to Russian VPK, would become good gesture for friendship adjustment, - the interlocutor " speaks; . - Especially it is important in the light of that cool reaction from which president Medvedev has met results of a June referendum .

Now Moscow and Bishkek should agree about the transaction scheme. As tells a source In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Moscow expects to realise that scheme which was discussed with Kurmanbekom Bakievym, only to receive any more 48 %, and at least 51 %. In an exchange Moscow at last would ratify the agreement on debt write-off. with Bakievym there was an arrangement that for 48 % of factory all debt, and only a part equivalent to market cost of an active - about $30 million is liquidated But for bolshy it is possible to extinguish a package more - he marks.

However, according to interlocutors in the government of the Russian Federation, negotiations on destiny Dastana Russia intends to begin already with the new government of Kirghizia which will be generated following the results of the parliamentary elections planned for October, 10th. Until then Moscow has frozen also other projects in Kirghizia, including investments into water-power engineering and placing of the military educational centre in the south of the country (see from June, 28th).