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Programmers should spin

IT - sector consider constantly growing, but in crisis year and to it it was not possible to reserve the status of a zone of growth. Having worried crisis 2009, Russian IT - the companies find the reasons for optimism in 2010 - m. Meanwhile it became clear to the majority that to play by former rules does not leave any more, and developers began to search for new niches.
if to imagine that all sector of services is a grocery shop services of software developers will appear where - that on regiments with vitamins. On the one hand, they are not articles of prime necessity for economy, with another - to the modern large enterprise without them long not to stretch. Therefore, leaving a problem condition, the Russian economy has pulled IT - the market upwards before many other branches. Participants Russian IT - the market ascertain situation improvement in the first half of the year 2010 in comparison with ill-fated 2009 - m. Our statistics shows that in comparison with I half-year of last year, in I half-year flowing on 30 - 40 percent have increased quantity of the concluded contracts it is unequivocal a revival indicator in the market - the general director " tells; Korus Consulting Alexander Semenov.

Meanwhile the majority of the companies cannot brag of essential growth have arrived this year in comparison with the past. But all who managed to keep the financial indicators at level of 2009, have an occasion to optimism: after all the left year many enterprises finished under the long-term contracts concluded before crisis. After the lapse of a year the share of such orders in portfolios has inevitably fallen - those who against this process could not lose in profits, have proved the ability to adapt in difficult conditions.

According to Alexander Pahomova, directors Exigen Services for manufacture in the CIS, among the companies it was not possible to worry last year which, prevail the small enterprises specialising on outsourcing and working under subcontracts. this part of a pie has been distributed directly between larger companies - Alexander is assured. Its namesake and colleague Alexander Egors, the general director of the company agrees with such estimation Reksoft : It is impossible to tell that we observed a considerable quantity of absorption in 2009. However the considerable number of the small companies and independent commands of the programmers working with one - two customers, has been compelled to be closed and tried to be on sale to larger players .

And things are right where they started
Observing, as bankers and ritejlery received financing by means of the state, Russian IT - the companies in 2009 have been compelled to search for ways to survive without the aid of scale external injections. Participants of the market are convinced that the tendencies which have arisen in the past year will hold good and today. the pamperedness, an inefficiency of the enterprises and their unwillingness this inefficiency were the Main features of the market to a last year`s shake-up to see - the general director of the company e - Legion Alexander Zverev considers. The General director of the company Tranzas Andrey Belentev has formulated problems of the pre-crisis market so: the Overestimated expectations, exaggeration of prospects of the market and the companies, the irresponsible relation to fondirovaniju and the overestimated personnel potential .

With arrival of crisis customers IT - the companies began to reduce budgets and to postpone start of new projects. The enterprises became pioneers here, whose activity is connected with the finance, real estate, the industry, metallurgy and medicine. Many players observed falling autsorsingovogo demand. First of all the companies refused services in delivery and introduction of new hardware maintenance. Estimating a picture of the market of 2009, Alexander Semenov notices that iron the segment has suffered much more strongly, than actually software working out. As a whole, according to the research spent Korus Consulting market IT - services and system integration in 2009 has substantially experienced on itself crisis influence, however against other branches of economy looked not bad enough. Recession of a turn in rouble expression in 2009 has made 25 - 30 %. If in 2008 experts estimated the Russian market IT - services and system integration into $5,5 mlrd following the results of 2009 this figure has made about $4 billion

it is comfortable during this period contractors of state structures, and also those companies which could be reoriented on new services on which demand grows quickly felt unless those players of the market who had long-term scale contracts on large infrastructural projects with the big corporations: inexpensive IT - services, SaaS (Software as a Service).

On the market the competition
Reaction of the market to new conditions has come has not kept itself waiting long. According to Andrey Belenteva from Tranzasa last year the competition has sharply grown. Its colleague Alexander Egors from Reksofta notices that especially strong price pressure was felt from the Indian and Chinese companies - software developers. It is not necessary to forget that Russian IT - exporters have lost all privileges which essentially helped them with struggle for the western customer. In 2010 in connection with replacement of the uniform social tax by insurance payments, the Russian developers have lost a privilege on unified social tax payment. Today payments on insurance payments make about 26 %, and from next year they will increase to 34 %. It is known that more than 70 % of expenses IT - the enterprises are expenses on the personnel. Thus, the companies working for export, risk to test considerable falling of profitability. The labour market has started to change still before legislative changes have come into force. personally to me 2009 was remembered by changes in the labour market. In 2008 IT - experts, especially in big cities, were in great demand, and on one resume there were some vacancies, and salaries from - for competitions for talents constantly grew. 2009 has shown, as programmers can have some problems with employment. Salaries if have not fallen, have ceased to grow - the market became the market of the employer - Alexander Zverev from e - Legion has told.

to Find the niche
Alexander Pahomov from Exigen Services supplements a picture of changes on IT - the market, noticing that the companies began to be focused more on specialisation, having understood that there will be a certain redistribution of niches. the companies aspire to develop more unified decisions for the concrete industries that leads to differentiation in the market - Alexander Pahomov shares the supervision. Thus IT - the companies gradually start to create independently these niches because displace accents of activity from outsourcing on creation of own products. Today one of the most popular words in the market - a startup. Preconditions that the companies were engaged in development of own products, are concluded in specificity most IT - business. Autsorsery, certainly, are original business - incubators where programmers actually for money of the customer study the best technologies and business - processes, carrying out projects for leaders of the most different branches - Alexander Egors from " explains; Reksofta . Meanwhile the expert considers that reorientation autsorsingovyh the companies on working out of own products hardly becomes the mass phenomenon owing to that this transition is extremely uneasy and demands to learn to work with new risks. Itself Reksoft in that case is an exception of a rule - the company actively develops own products. At the same time Alexander Zverev from e - Legion considers that reorientation practice autsorsingovyh the companies has every chance to become much more mass: Many enterprises instead of dismissing employees, began to put additional means in the products, pursuing at once two aims - deduction of people and the investment into business . Thus IT - the companies, whose activity in most cases concerns sector b2b, are not afraid to test in the retail market. A vivid example - a portal Greetings, Abkhazia! original analogue known Booking. com for Abkhazia, started recently the company e - Legion which began exclusively as autsorsingovoe the enterprise.

in crisis conditions when it became clear that to live in clover it will not turn out any more, participants of the market have started to develop in themselves the competence of businessmen in addition to programmer skills. but to develop in parallel service and grocery biznesy it is very difficult - Alexander Egors reminds, urging to estimate prospects of considerable transformation of the market frostily.

Giving the forecast for the intermediate term future Alexander Semenov from Korus Consulting assumes that considerable lifting of the market in the nearest - two will not occur year. According to the expert, it is necessary to expect slow, but confident growth more likely. Providers of services hope that economy restoration will bring growth of incomes, and clients will keep the adequate approach and together with money the overestimated expectations and a pamperedness of clients will not return.