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“ Red Sormovo “ will moor to “ to the Volga shipping company “

the Nizhniy Novgorod ship-building factory “ Red Sormovo “ will put five bulk-oil tankers for the navigable company “ the Volga shipping company “ Vladimir Lisina entering into ship-building holding. By estimations of analysts, the contract in cost about 60-70 million euro is dictated by growing requirements to quality of tankers from the oil companies and predicted growth of a turnover of goods of oil products after input in 2011 NPZ in the Samara region.

the contract on building of five bulk-oil tankers of the project 19614 “ Red Sormovo “ and “ Century F the tanker “ have signed yesterday. According to group MNP communique, all five courts will be put the customer next year. Besides, arrangements provide an option for two tankers. The sum of the contract of the party do not open. According to the director for development IAA Portnews of Nadezhdy Malyshevoj, court have managed “ Century F to the tanker “ approximately in 60-70 million euro.

tankers of the project 19614 belong to the class “ the river - the sea “ also are capable to transport crude oil and oil products. Deadweight of the tanker - 5,53 thousand t, length - 141 m, width - 16,9 m, board height - 6,1 m, a deposit - 3,73/ 3,60 m, volume of cargo tanks - 6,72 thousand in cubic m, speed of a course - not less than 10 knots, crew - to 16 persons, autonomy of swimming - till 15 days. Navigation area - internal waterways and sea not Arctic areas. The tanker of the project 19614 is greatest of the Russian courts for river swimming.

the Reached arrangements not the first experience of cooperation of the Nizhniy Novgorod shipyards with Vladimir Lisina`s actives. In the end of the last year “ the Volga shipping company “ and “ the Oksky shipyard “ (the basic owner - “ Century F the tanker “) Have signed the contract on building of 10 dry-cargo ships of project RSD - in 44 cost 4,7 mlrd rbl. will take part In the project Incorporated ship-building corporation (OSK) and “ veb - leasing “. Last should act in the transaction as the agent providing federal sofinansirovanie of the contract in size at least 1 mlrd rbl., the corporation functions of the curator of the project were taken away. Experts then believed that participation in project OSK, more likely, nominally, but can testify to growth of interest of corporation to development of civil shipbuilding in the country as a whole. Whether

the corporation will take part in realisation of the contract signed yesterday between factory “ Red Sormovo “ and “ Century F the tanker “ it is not clear yet. The representative of factory has told „“ that the positions, concerning participations OSK in the project, in the contract does not appear. Nevertheless the head of group MNP Vadim Malov, making comments on the transaction, has noticed that returning of the Russian customers to domestic shipyards is promoted by state support: “ the Russian government takes measures on support of the home producer and creates favorable conditions for ship-owners of the country “. The director “ Century F the tanker “ Sergey Bryzgalov to speak about the signed agreement yesterday has refused. In OSK did not begin to make comments on possible participation in the project.

the head of research agency Infranews Alexey Bezborodov believes that “ the Volga shipping company “ in a condition to realise the project by own strength. Chief specialist TSNII of technology of shipbuilding Ilya Vajsman, on the contrary, considers that the scheme with participation of means of state support, - optimal in present conditions: Besides possibility granting to get vessels in leasing, she allows to lower on two third payments under the credit and the leasing contract at building and operation of courts at the expense of state grants. The hope of Malysheva from IAA Portnews believes that, despite advantage of the program of support OSK, the transaction has been concluded without attraction of the help of corporation - too promptly, according to the expert, it has been concluded: “ Motives for updating of a vessel fleet at „Century F the tanker“ a little. In - the first, neftepererabotchiki requirements to tankers raise, therefore for reception of orders it is necessary for ship-owners to offer young vessels which yet it is enough. In - the second, Ministry of Transport of Russia has entered restriction on operation of old courts according to which till 2015 the navigable companies are allowed to use second-hand vessels, but under condition of gradual updating of own park “. The commissioning planned on the following year new NPZ in Samara which will put on the river in addition 2 million t black oil became the important factor, according to Nadezhdy Malyshevoj. “ it will be necessary for transporting, and free fleet today something is not observed “ - the analyst concludes.