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In June of current year in Open Society cars PGK it is transported over 70 thousand tons of cement that in 2,5 times more than last month 2010. Growth in relation to the similar period of last year has made 227 %. In total from the beginning of 2010 the Saratov branch of Open Society PGK working on range of the Privolzhsky railway, has shipped more than 200 thousand tons of cement. The basic consignors are the large industrial enterprises in the Volga region - Open Society Sebrjakovtsement and Open Society Volsktsement . Growth of volumes of transportations of cement speaks the beginning of a building season. During this period demand for building materials and cement, as a rule, raises. It is supposed that in July - August the First cargo company will transport on the Privolzhsky railway more than 70 thousand tons of cement - the director of the Saratov branch of Open Society " has noted; PGK Sergey Titkov. Open Society The first cargo company - the largest operator of rail transportation in Russia. The basic founder and the owner of ordinary actions PGK is Open Society the Russian railways . In the property of the company over 200 thousand units of a rolling stock. The company share in structure of carload park of the Russian Federation makes 22 %, in 2009 volumes of transportations of Open Society PGK have exceeded 230 million tons.