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The governor became a protest conductor

the Governor of the Volgograd region Anatoly Brovko has addressed to a local oppositional coalition with the request to postpone the large meeting planned for July, 12th. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Business Russia representatives of the deputy case an United Russia in gordume and more than ten local public organisations planned to collect 8 - 10 thousand persons with the requirement of resignation of the mayor of Volgograd Romana Grebennikova. On July, 15th to region there will arrive Vladimir Putin, and, under the information , the governor in exchange for refusal of meeting has promised oppositions personally to transfer a premiere its reference. The further destiny of the mayor will depend on a position of the head of region, observers mark.
under the information , the governor of the Volgograd region Anatoly Brovko who is in holiday, through the first deputy Gennady Churikova has addressed to the Volgograd branches of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Business Russia And a number of local public organisations with the request to cancel the incorporated meeting planned for July, 12th. Regotdelenie Business Russia and social movement For Volgograd have submitted corresponding documents to the mayoralty on June, 28th. In them are declared 8 - 10 thousand participants and the unique requirement - resignation of the head of Volgograd Romana Grebennikova. On July, 15th to region there will arrive Vladimir Putin, therefore carrying out of this action it is inexpedient and it should be postponed, it is told in the letter of the head of region to organizers of the action. In this document the governor also recognises that in Volgograd today there is variety very much acute problems which should dare immediately also promises oppositions that its requirements will be considered at the nearest session of Security council of the Volgograd region.

the novel Grebennikov has been selected on a post of the head of Volgograd in May, 2007, in April, 2008 has entered in United Russia and then has headed Vladimir Putin`s public reception in region. Almost at once at the mayor relations with a management of local branch " were not took; Business Russia which repeatedly declared incompetence of a command of the new mayor and failure results of work of municipality. Twice - October 2008 - go and July, 2009 - businessmen sent to the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the letter with the information on municipality offences in ground sphere; at various times a series of meetings and references has supported also the Support of Russia . The question on Romana Grebennikova resignation in 2009 was lifted also by the leader Business Russia Boris Titov, but United Russia party members results of the head of Volgograd have appeared are happy also a question has been removed.

in Business Russia And Volgograd obkome the Communist Parties of the Russian Federation have informed that by results of negotiations with the first vitse - governor Gennady Churikovym the decision on carrying over of date of carrying out of meeting - " was accepted; after Putin`s visit . One of participants of negotiations has informed that organizers of the action have agreed on it only provided that the head of region will personally transfer a premiere the opposition reference. people have been adjusted seriously, business quite could reach overlapping of the central streets of Volgograd - confirms a source. In the mayoralty of Volgograd comments have refused, referring to absence of the official information on this theme. To the critic in the address the mayor of Volgograd already repeatedly named unreasonable .

Political scientist Alexander Kynev notices that attempt of the governor to block opposition performance it is possible to understand : Putin now has actually begun in regions the election campaign, and protests to it are not necessary. As to prospects of resignation of the mayor of Volgograd this question entirely depends on desire of the head of region and its possibilities to agree about it with United Russia party members. The opinion of opposition will solve nothing . The leader of the Volgograd United Russia party members Vladimir Kabanov has told that about plans of the governor it while does not know, but personally it supports negotiating process: To economic work of the mayoralty of Volgograd really there are questions - for example, regarding granting of the earth to builders and debts for energy carriers. But I consider that these problems should be discussed not in the street, not on meetings, and at meetings in regional administration .

Meanwhile youth movement Young guards and the mayoralty of Volgograd in parallel conduct preparation of the action, but this time in support of the mayor. It is appointed to the same day and almost on the same place where the opposition planned to gather. Meeting Young guards The mayoralty has co-ordinated, performance against the mayor - is not present, as the chosen platform is too close to a building of regional court .