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the Harmony have prolonged life

Tolyatti hockey the Harmony by the decision of arbitration court of the Samara region it is translated in a mode of external management. For 18 months the command should extinguish an order of 300 million roubles of debts. Despite lacking the budget and debts under the salary, the Harmony has been admitted before participation in games of the Higher hockey league: state corporation Rostehnologii promising to finance club, has assured hockey federation that will execute all conditions of membership in league. Fans of the team while a situation around Frets estimate carefully and are not assured that the decision of problems of club will be system, instead of chaotic.
the arbitration court of the Samara region has entered external management in the Tolyatti Open Company Hockey club the Harmony for a period of 18 months. this positive succession of events for us. Most of all of introduction of the competitive management club liquidation " would be which result were afraid; - have underlined yesterday in HK the Harmony . We will remind, in court with the claim about a recognition daughters Open Society Autovases - Open Company Hockey club the Harmony the bankrupt tax department has addressed: debts Frets before it make about 16 million roubles.

arbitration managing director Sergey Ershov has come to a conclusion that the enterprise has no possibility to restore solvency and to conduct break-even activity on what has reported at the first meeting of creditors on June, 30th. During meeting of 70 % of creditors have voted for transition to external management to 18 months. According to mister Ershov, under accounting documents debts Frets make 300 million roubles. During procedure of external supervision six creditors have been included in the register, their requirements make 95 million roubles (largest of them: Open Company KHL - 33,166 million roubles, Open Society Autovases - 37,2 million roubles). Debts against players - more than 2 million roubles. Yesterday Sergey Ershov has specified that till now all accounts of club remain under arrest, and creditors will receive the means not earlier than in half a year .

we Will remind, in a difficult situation Tolyatti HK it has appeared in the summer of 2009 when to a command was refused support by its unique owner - Open Society Autovases . The Board of directors of Continental hockey league from - for financial problems in May of this year has separated the Tolyatti command from games in the higher battalion. In a new season the command will continue performances in the Higher hockey league.

yesterday in a press - service VHL have specified that to games commands with the minimum budget in 70 million roubles having an ice palace a minimum on 2 thousand of places, not having debts against players and KHL and paid membership dues in 2,5 million roubles are supposed. It is known also that while the Harmony it is admitted to the championship with reservations, having paid money for membership in VHL. By data a press - league services, the letter of guarantee signed by the assistant of general director GK " has been received; Rostehnologii Igor Zavyalov, that the club will execute the obligations. Besides, in support Frets have acted vice-president KHL Vladimir Shalaev. Sergey Ershov also has specified that Rostehnologii promised to allocate to club of 100 million roubles on 2010 - 2011, however means have not arrived yet. Now, as he said, negotiations are carried on for sponsor`s contracts with six Tolyatti companies, among which Joint-Stock Companies FIA - Bank and bank Potential however while the club budget from which it will be financed both command activity, and its debts, is not generated yet and to judge its size early . In HK vozrashchenie in the higher battalion name One of problems on the future underlining that in KHL the club has kept membership. However to predict terms in a command not undertake: till now the question is not definitively solved with financing of building of an ice palace the Harmony - Arena on 6 thousand places. The project has been frozen on a zero cycle, and for its continuation it is required 2,4 mlrd roubles. This object has got to the regional program of development of physical culture and sports on 2010 - 2018 in cost more than 13 mlrd roubles on which allocation of the essential sum is supposed only since 2013. Alternative sources of financing, including tranches from the federal budget, for the present only in a discussion stage.

in fan community the next promises about support HK perceive with vigilance. that at a command all will be good, we hear many months. However the system solution of a problem both was not, and is not present - one of members the fan - club " is convinced; Frets .