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Gazprom oil can merge to Petersburg

As it became known Gazprom oil has not refused idea of transfer of head office to Petersburg. The company board of directors yet did not consider this question, but it already has a moving preliminary plan. The document provides the work beginning in Petersburg already by the end of next year.
Gazprom oil considers possibility of moving to Petersburg, have told some employees of group Gazprom . The plan is already made, it means that if the final decision moving will occur till the end of 2011 will be accepted. The question is considered, has confirmed head oil Gazprom Alexander Djukov. When the decision on a company re-registration in Petersburg was made, its further moving till 2012 was provided. All aspects of such possibility " are now studied; - he has told having specified that the final decision will accept board of directors oil Gazprom . When it is supposed to consider this question, in the company do not speak. In Gazprom to which posesses 96 % oil Gazprom on prospect of moving do not make comments.

Gazprom oil it is already registered in Petersburg. Shareholders of the company have accepted such decision in 2006 after it has got Gazprom . Before the company was called Sibneft also has been registered in Omsk. At the same time to Petersburg the large companies under control to the state, for example " have been translated some more; Transmineral oil and VTB. However the central offices of the companies on - former are in Moscow.

now Gazprom oil counts economic efficiency of moving, speaks a source in group Gazprom . Granting " can become one of arguments in favour of moving; oil Gazprom a regional privilege under the profit tax at a rate of 4 %, the interlocutor " explains; . Now at the company in Petersburg no privileges are present, have informed in oil Gazprom . In 2009 the company has paid 15,18 mlrd rbl. in a type of tax on profit (18 % the city receives). The discount would help to save an order 3 mlrd rbl.

According to the law of Petersburg About tax privileges the investors who have carried out within three years of an investment not less 3 mlrd rbl. of the basic means in objects are released from payment of a regional part of the profit tax for three years, accepted by the tax bearer on balance and placed in operation. In the autumn in city parliament amendments will be made to this law according to which the minimum sum of investments goes down to 800 million rbl., and term of granting of privileges will increase from three till five years. At Oil Gazprom at present there is no finished object in Petersburg which would allow the company to receive a privilege.

from five largest Russian oil and gas companies only office Surgutneftegaz it is located not in Moscow, and in a place of registration - in Surgut. Offices Bashnefti and Tatneft also are located in presence regions - Ufa and Almetyevsk.

at the Moscow office oil Gazprom now work about 1,27 thousand persons, it is told in the company quarterly account. Conditions of their possible transfer to Petersburg were not discussed yet, tell sources in oil Gazprom . In Petersburg the company has a representation which settles down in a private residence of Kazaleta - Tenishevyh in street Galernoj. In the same place is scientifically - the technical centre and the affiliated structure which is responsible for realisation of oil products in region. Besides, in 2005 Gazprom has decided to construct in Petersburg a complex Okhta - the centre which will include a skyscraper in height almost 400 m. It is supposed that offices of the companies of group Gazprom will occupy about 15 % of the area of a complex. Now documents are transferred to its building in Glavgosekspertizu. The tower construction is planned to finish in 2012, all complex - in 2016.

operating partner NKG 2 Audit Business consultations Ivan Andrievsky notices that the finding in Moscow is necessary for affinity to the federal authorities with which all time should co-operate the large petrocompanies. The big economic sense in moving will not be, analyst IFD " is assured; the Capital Vitaly Krjukov. He believes that, more likely, it is a question of desire Gazprom to support region. The head Gazprom Alexey Miller and head oil Gazprom Alexander Djukov were born in Petersburg.