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OMK changes the shareholder Chusovsky metzavoda

Today FAS has satisfied the investment company petition - Joint-Stock Company metalresurskompleks (Moscow) about acquisition of 100 % of voting actions of Open Society Chusovsky metal works (CHMZ, Chusovoj, the Perm edge). We will notice that CHMZ Joint-Stock Company " is supervised; the Incorporated metallurgical company (OMK), and Joint-Stock Company metalresurskompleks 47,83 % of Open Society " own; Vyksunsky metal works (VMZ, the Nizhniy Novgorod region). VMZ also is a part OMK. In decision FAS also it is underlined that the transaction is carried out within the limits of one group . Now actions CHMZ are sprayed among three offshore operating in interests OMK: Jalpark Company LTD (72,5 %), Briklay Traiding LTD (8,6 %), Quorum Fund LTD (7,2 %). Today in OMK did not begin to make comments on possible change of the shareholder on CHMZ. As earlier informed OMK carried on negotiations with GK a Mechel About sale CHMZ, but the transaction and has not taken place. On one of versions, the active has been exposed approximately for 5 mlrd rbl. we Will notice that this spring OMK realised one of the prikamskih actives - 100 % of actions of Open Society Gubahinsky coke . CHMZ - one of the oldest in Ural Mountains of the enterprises of ferrous metallurgy with a full work cycle of release of metal, is based in 1879. Makes pig-iron, ferrovanady, hire, springs for cars. Dead loss CHMZ in 2009 has made 2 mlrd rbl. (in 2008 net profit - 484 million rbl.). Gain CHMZ in 2009 has made 4,9 mlrd rbl. (in 2008 - 15,8 mlrd rbl.).

Vyacheslav Sukhanov