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The Sverdlovsk prime minister has communicated to transport companies

Yesterday the head of the government of Sverdlovsk area Anatoly Gredin has spent the governmental commission on stability with participation of representatives of the companies of transport branch. In particular, the chief of the Sverdlovsk railway Vladimir Suprun, the general director of the airport have taken part in meeting “ Koltsovo “ Evgenie Chudnovsky and the director of the Ekaterinburg branch “ the First cargo company “ Vladimir Chernyh. As has told „“ a press - the secretary of the Sverdlovsk prime minister Evgenie Kharlamov, at this meeting questions of filling of the regional budget have been considered. “ for example, remarks in " address have been stated; the Ural airlines “ concerning decrease in tax deductions in the regional budget - under the forecast for 2010 for 28,3 %. It in spite of the fact that volumes of aviatransportations and an airline gain increase “ - Evgenie Kharlamov has noted. Also at meeting Anatoly Gredin has paid attention to decrease in tax deductions by the Ekaterinburg airport “ Koltsovo “ and “ the First cargo company “. “ the Transport branch works for us not bad, effectively develops both the railway, and “Koltsovo“, and for decrease in tax deductions there are objective reasons. For example, same “Koltsovo“ is compelled for write-off of debts of “Aviaprada“ (airline - the bankrupt - „“) not to pay in 2010 the profit tax. Basically, explanations of transport workers of Anatoly Gredina have satisfied “ - Evgenie Kharlamov has told.