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The Nizhniy Novgorod expert in narcology has received two years conditionally for a bribe and office forgery

the Nizhniy Novgorod district court the sentence on criminal case concerning the psychiatrist - expert in narcology Denis Luzin accused of reception of a bribe and office forgery (ch has pronounced. 2 items 290 and item 292 of the criminal code of Russian Federation). According to the investigation, in March of this year, working in an office of examination of intoxication of the Nizhniy Novgorod regional narcological clinic, it has brought obviously false data in the certificate of physical examination of the federal judge of Autofactory district court of Sergey Berdnikov which in November, 2008 at the wheel the car of Kia on a line Nizhni Novgorod - Kirov has left on a counter strip and has faced about VAZ - 21103. As a result the driver and the passenger the Zhiguli have seriously suffered. Accusation on p.1 item 264 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (" has been brought to Sergey Berdnikov; Infringement by the person operating the car, the traffic regulations, the causing which has entailed on imprudence of heavy harm to health of the person ). Concerning the judge business has been stopped after reconciliation of the parties. Denis Luzin completely recognised fault and petitioned for application of a special order of proceeding.