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The commissions have drawn additional attention

the Additional commissions of banks at retail crediting continue to draw attention of regulators. The federal antimonopoly service (FAS) has shown to the claim Savings Bank under the form of payment of the commissions for credit delivery - at the expense of credit means. According to participants of the market, such practice is enough extended and already caused censures of Bank of Russia.
claims of antimonopoly service about the additional commissions have been shown the Savings Bank in Yaroslavl region. On excitation of business in the relation of Northern branch of the Savings Bank Yaroslavl UFAS has informed on an official site. Unlike claims of Rospotrebnadzora which insists on illegality of collection of the commissions basically, censures FAS were caused by not so much fact, how many the form of collection of the single commission for credit delivery - it was subtracted by bank from the sum of the credit given out to the borrower. Till now to such subtleties as the form of collection of the commissions, FAS, Rospotrebnadzor most actively co-operating with banks on a question dopkomissy, did not show steadfast attention.

the given payment is brought at the expense of the money resources given to the citizen according to the credit contract, and makes 4 % from all sum of a loan, - is told in message UFAS. - Collection by bank of such payment actually reduces the size of the given out credit for 4 %, and the bank thus collects percent from the borrower for use of bank means in the sum which is designated in the credit contract . Savings Bank actions can put to the physical person an unreasonable material damage (the borrower who has complained en face has paid thus 12 thousand rbl. from the credit for 300 thousand rbl.) Has drawn a conclusion antimonopoly department and has brought action in the bank relation for abusing a leading position in the market of crediting of physical persons in region.

in the Savings Bank in the answer specify that since April, 19th of the commission have been cancelled under the retail credits in all regions: claims of antimonopoly department concern the credit which has been given out on old conditions, now retail credit products with the commissions at bank are not present.

But the problem to which the antimonopoly service has paid attention, is actual. Many banks, including the largest, have single commissions for credit delivery, the director of department of bank audit FBK Alexey Terekhov speaks. And, as has shown obzvon call - the centres of banks from the Top - 10, in some cases the form of their collection just the same as was in the Savings Bank, - from the sum of the given out credit. Under credits cash the single commissions for delivery from the sum of the given out credit raise VTB 24, Alpha bank, Rajffajzenbank (at it payment of the commission both from own means of the client, and from the credit sum is possible). As the income which receives bank from commission inclusion in a credit body, is insignificant, such form of collection of the commission - a question of convenience of the client to which should not stand in addition turn in cash desk if the credit stands out, for example, on a card - trustee VTB 24 George Gorshkov has explained. Technological and logistical convenience have explained such practice of collection of the commissions and in OTP - bank. In Alpha bank have refused to explain, than such way of collection of the commissions is caused.

convenience to clients from collection of the commissions from the sum of the credit does not deprive of claim FAS of the bases, lawyers consider. If the bank raises such commission the borrower should have a choice possibility - to pay it from credit or own means - the head of bank practice " speaks; Pepeljaev groups Lydia Gorshkova. This situation is more interesting at all to antimonopoly department, and for a direct regulator - Bank of Russia - specifies the vice-president of board of bank Uralsib Ilya Filatov. From the Central Bank such actions in certain cases can be classified as formation by bank of the capital at the expense of actives of inadequate quality - marks the vice-president of board HKF - bank Vladimir Gasjak. Actually the bank enlists to itself in the commission income (which the real income received from the borrower subsequently in the form of a profit part is considered as a part of own means) not, and mythical, generated by derivation of own means which will unessentially return - Alexey Terekhov explains. Yesterday it was not possible to receive the Central Bank comment.

In the Central Bank about a problem know, but banks can easily mask collection of the commissions at the expense of proceeds of credit, spending credit delivery through cash desk, the representative of bank from the Top - 50 specifies. to Prove it the attention to a situation would be possible in the presence of complaints of clients, therefore from other regulators more densely communicating with bank borrowers, will promote situation correction - he considers.