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The doctor was gone on work

In Novosibirsk the director of narcological clinic " is put on the wanted list; Healing Valery Zaharov. Illegal employment by private medical practice in which result have died three narcodependent patients is incriminated to the doctor. The Soviet regional court where its business is considered two years, also has taken out the decision about change to the doctor of a preventive punishment from a subscription about nevyezde on arrest. Zaharov has disappeared after performance in debate of the state accuser, asked to appoint to the physician five years of real imprisonment. Lawyers assert that the client is in a grave condition in resuscitation of one of city hospitals, and intend to appeal against against the judgement.

on Friday the court of the Soviet area has taken out the decision about change to the director of narcological clinic Healing to Valery Zaharovu a preventive punishment from a subscription about nevyezde on arrest also has put him on the wanted list.

Business of mister Zaharova obeys in court since September, 2008. The doctor is accused that in infringement FZ About narcotics and psychotropic substances which allows to spend treatment narcodependent to exclusively state and municipal medical institutions, has opened in 2001 own narcological clinic Healing . On business materials, spring of 2005 two patients of clinic have died: the first has died from a bilaterial pneumonia against opijnoj the narcotisms, the second - in municipal hospital where it delivered with the heavy form of a sepsis. As the charge party considers, at receipt in clinic at victims accompanying narcotisms of disease, as, on business materials, laboratory researches, surveys by other experts in " have not been revealed; Healing were not spent. In 2008 in clinic has died 27 - the summer addict who was in a condition of a medicamentous dream. The consequence qualified actions of Zaharova as the illegal employment by the private medical practice which has entailed on imprudence death of the person (item 235 of the criminal code of Russian Federation). Besides, declination to consumption of narcotics (item 230) also is incriminated to the doctor. According to testimony, the doctor advised to patients before receipt in clinic to make to itself a drug prick.

on June, 18th current year on business debate of the parties has begun. Acting in them, the state accuser asked court to appoint Zaharovu five years of real imprisonment. Have supported opinion of the public prosecutor and victims. As have told in court, after performance of charge mister Zaharov has asked a few time to prepare own speech in this connection the chairman of judicial session judge Anzhelika Nosova declared a break in hearings. When participants of process have gathered again, the defender has declared that its client is urgently hospitalised in resuscitation 11 - j city hospital. Sessions have again transferred, for June, 25th. However ostensibly in connection with feeling sick Zaharov was not and on this judicial session. The sources familiar with a situation, have paid attention that almost for two years that process lasts, Zaharov never complained of the health, all past week it answered by a mobile phone calls from court, has accepted the telephone message about date of the next judicial session. Besides, the defendant is in hospital in which itself and works. Probably, having considered that Zaharov deliberately tightens a legal investigation, the court has decided that it is subject to arrest.

as have informed in court, the decision on search and arrest of the director of narcological clinic Healing it is directed to militia and Office of Public Prosecutor for execution. In the near future the appeal on the regional court decision to regional court will be submitted also by lawyer Zaharova.