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The choice is not present

Perm became the next Russian city where national elections of the mayor have been cancelled. Yesterday the Perm municipal duma by a majority of votes and without discussion has confirmed amendments to the charter according to which head will be selected from among deputies. Process of acceptance of changes has passed for the Perm authorities without complications and has occupied three months. Thus the mayor of Perm Igor Shubin has confirmed yesterday the intention become next year the deputy to prolong the powers on a city post of the head.
for the first time for very long time at session gordumy yesterday there was an absolute appearance - there were all 36 deputies. But, except unknown attendance, anything else deputies have not shown the interest to a question: discussions as that has not taken place, and on consideration of amendments in the charter of Perm has left hardly more than ten minutes. After the report of the chairman of committee on MSU Natalias Rosljakovoj a unique matter of substance has set only the deputy - a member the Apple Galina Slautina. Whether it has taken an interest, considered by preparation of the decision results sotsoprosov, the townsmen who have shown negative attitude to offered changes. Madam Rosljakova has only noticed that each deputy could hear this data and consider them at voting. After that deputies have started at once voting which, we will remind, was poimennym. As a result at a necessary minimum in 25 voices, 31 deputy has acted for amendments. Three - Vadim Smilgevich, Galina Slautina and Sergey Titov - were against. Three More - Yury Kolchanov, Igor Jakovlev, Vladimir Logunov - have refrained. Now the charter with the amendments brought in it will go for examination to Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. In a thought expect that the document will definitively come into force in August.

the basic innovation which is entered by amendments, is a change of the scheme of elections of the head of Perm. According to amendments, the mayor will be selected a thought from the structure Ballot by majority of votes from the established number of deputies of a thought . The Term of appointment of head is equal to a term of appointment of a thought which has selected it. Besides, amendments provide the big degree of the reporting of a city administration before a thought. City - the manager should present to a thought till May, 1st the annual report on a course of realisation of strategy and achievement of target indicators socially - an economic development of the city of Perm . The present charter does not fix compulsion of this procedure. Value of board also amplifies at the head of Perm.

for the first time possibility of change of the scheme of election of the head of Perm in the mayoralty have officially sounded one year ago. Despite active protests of the legal experts who have created a coalition For direct Perm elections for the Perm authorities process of entering of amendments in the charter has passed without failures and has occupied almost three months. In April the project of changes has been brought in a thought, in May have passed public hearings, and, at last, in June of the amendment have been confirmed. Not to admit swayings in deputy numbers the party discipline has helped also. Presidium of regional political council an United Russia has ordered to deputies - to United Russia party members to vote for amendments. Sanctions for default of this decision could be, by data , the most severe, up to an exception of party. We will add that both opponents, and supporters of amendments for last months actively struggled winning round public opinion. So, participants of a coalition suited original actions, having thought up, for example, installation a pillory where images of deputies and the politicians who have supported the amendments were attached. Counter-measures were not less original: to select the mayor from among deputies representatives of faiths of Prikamye have offered.

Such decision is accepted perfectly, osoznanno and it is logical from the point of view of development of local governments. Deputies last year have acquired the right of resignation of deputies, it is logical to give to them and right to choose head - the head of Perm Igor Shubin has declared yesterday. The mayor has noticed that in a present design the mayor first of all the chairman of a thought instead of heads administration of Perm as it was at former town governors. head heads a representative body, but is not the deputy. All it is put by the today`s decision in order. Sociological researches have shown that 70 % permjakov do not know till now it or do not understand and identify the mayor with the head of administration. It not so - the mayor has declared. Elections in gordumu will pass in March of next year then expires a term of appointment of mister Shubina. Yesterday he has confirmed again the intention to remain the mayor. On a question, on what district the mayor is ready to stand in deputies, he has answered that yet has not solved for itself this question.