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To stop and neutralise

Yesterday and. Anatoly Mahovikov has declared an island of the head of administration of Perm that the mayoralty passes to active actions on struggle against a route 068, the organised former head of department of roads and transport Alexey Kovyevym without the coordination with municipality. Anatoly Mahovikov has promised to deputies of a municipal duma that in the near future the route will stop work. However, by data „“, the administration did not manage to get support of power departments which yet do not send law infringement in work of an autocratic route.
yesterday at session of the Perm municipal duma at question discussion “ About department of roads and transport of a city administration of Perm and about modification of separate decisions of the Perm municipal duma “ deputies have asked and. An island of the head of administration of a city of Perm of Anatoly Mahovikova of explanations concerning work of a route Ή068. So, deputy Maxim Tebelev has reminded that last week and. An island The chief of department of roads and transport of Rostislav Doroshenko assured that all preparatory processes are finished also struggle against this route will begin this week. “ we remember, how struggled with a route Ή100 (worked with 2006 for 2009 without the contract with the mayoralty, officials tried to forbid its activity in court, removed buses from routes. - „“). The route Ή068 continues to go on a city, and any GAI officer does not stop buses. When we will see the real power of a city administration over an establishment of bus routes? “ - the deputy was indignant. Mister Mahovikov has explained that to undertake concrete steps, it was necessary to spend a spadework. “ such actions are made, active work now will begin. Soon this question will be solved “ - mister Mahovikov has promised.

we will remind, on May, 24th in streets of Perm there was a new route Ή068 with the message Garden - Park. Movement on this route has been organised contrary to the developed system of bus transportations in capital of Prikamye. Now municipal authorities distribute routes according to a uniform network, concluding contracts with carriers. The organizer Ή068 as whom the public organisation " has acted; My route “ led by Alexey Kovyevym, declared new system of work of a municipal transportation - by request of inhabitants of Perm. On June, 4th “ My route “ has started buses at number Μ7 Garden - Park. The initiative eks - the official has caused the sharp criticism from a city administration management. Officials have sent letters in Office of Public Prosecutor and management of the state road supervision for the purpose of check of legality of activity of the given route.

however, supervising departments while have ambiguously estimated the initiative of the former official. So, if earlier UGADN declared „“ that activity of the given route is illegal, and intended to address with claims in court while it has not brought any results, and the route continues to work. In the Department of Internal Affairs of Perm where the city administration also addressed, „“ the fact of carrying out of check of activity of a route Ή068 have confirmed. According to the interlocutor in management, during verifying actions there was a number of insignificant infringements. “ basically they concern infringements by their drivers of traffic regulations, also there are claims and to a technical condition of buses “ - the militiaman speaks. The source has explained that for it competent bodies can fine drivers or the owner of the bus, but cannot stop carrier activity. “ the facts specifying in illegal activity of a carrier on the organisation of the given route, during check it is not revealed “ - the interlocutor in the Department of Internal Affairs has noted. In Office of Public Prosecutor while from comments on this theme abstain. By data „“, department yet has not prepared the administration answer.

and yesterday a resource on - line. perm. ru referring to UFAS on the Perm edge has informed, as this department intends to take up the issue of a bus route Ή068 and to check up legitimacy of its work. Such decision was accepted at session Socially - the advisory council Perm UFAS. “ We anticipate that to us carriers which work under contracts with administration therefore have dealt with this problem " will address with statements; - quotes a word resource zamrukovoditelja Perm UFAS Marinas Kudrjavtsevoj.

In the public organisation have declared that are ready to defend legality of work of the route. “ Struggle with us administration can in two ways: to bring an action against us or through agents of national security. About claims I did not hear. And agents of national security, under my information, do not see legislation infringement in activity of our route “ - Alexey Kovyev speaks. He also has noticed that methods which were used in struggle against a route Ή100, it is impossible to apply to a route Ή068. “ “Hundred part“ operated behind legal field frameworks, and it has been proved in courts. We work lawfully “ - mister Kovyev has summed up.