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not to whistle Film Florina Sherbana leaves in a myth aura about Romanian to a new wave When - that I have come to the university friend, in the house the TV has been included. In a room has glanced mother of the friend and has asked that there show. Having learnt, was indignant: In my house - the Romanian film?! Bezlikost this cinematography at a socialism for all it was known, but those times passed.

about the Romanian cinema have seriously exorcised five - seven years ago, and especially amazed that a new wave was born in this country practically for no reason. However, in the end of 1980 - h - the beginning 1990 - h, already after December revolution, in festival orbits films of Luchana Pintilie and Radu Mihaeljanu, but weather they rotated have not made, and about the Romanian have quickly forgotten. When there were Christie Puju, Christian Munchzhiu`s pictures and Korneliu Porumboju, the association has arisen unless with the Czech cinema of an epoch The Prague spring : they were made related by accuracy of the description of customs of a province and the blackish humour reminding early Milosha Forman with Irzhi Mentselem.

the Film I Want to whistle - to a fistula! a florin of Sherbana leaves on our screens in a myth aura about Romanian to a new wave . On this example it is easy to track all its strong and weaknesses. It is possible to carry to the first safely social vigilance, clearness of invoices, direction minimalism. Through bitter experience of a totalitarian and posttotalitarian society Postdecembrists Puju, Munchzhiu, Porumboju and their other colleagues - directors have managed to rise to high metaphysics and Christian stoicism, thus without running into pathos, sentimentality and pathetics. Here the reason of that Death of mister Lazaresku 4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days 12. 08 to the east from Bucharest the Policeman, an adjective became modern film classics.

the Romanian school differs magnificent camerawork. Not without reason Oleg Mutu who has shot a reference Romanian film 4 months... Sergey Loznitsa has invited the operator on my Happiness . To the little concedes it Marius Pandura. More difficult with dramatic art. Transition from routine to generalisation, from a private plot to eternal categories becomes more and more artificial at the Romanian. The set of dramaturgic receptions is exhausted, in the latest films they start to reproduce themselves, reminding serial jokes. The girl has won the desired car, but parents want to receive a prize money. The veteran of war is awarded by a medal, and in a system of the awarded stand both anti-fascists, and fascists. Or, as in this case, mother wants to take away the child to Italy, but its happiness is disturbed by excessive love of the big brother: more likely it is ready to leave its orphan, than to agree on separation. More often the film made in Romania is under construction round one local scale of event with three - four heroes, concentrated in the closed space and in the limited time interval.

and that`s it to this dramatic art there are questions, on which films not always give answers. Most important of them: how to connect specific the Romanian suspense with the international laws of a genre? In difference, for example, from Poles at the Romanian there is not enough experience of popular and adventurous cinema. And that pulls them in this party, is quite explainable: Romanian a new wave it is welcomed at festivals, but raises ever less money in world hire. German producer Charles Baumgartner could not let out the Romanian picture in which financing participated, even in the native Germany. He warns: one more - such two commercial failures - and the Romanian wave will leave in steam, in a whistle.