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Where you would send court enforcement officers?

court enforcement officers situated near Moscow have spent spot-check on the Istrinsky water basin: trying to discover debtors, they have checked up on presence of debts of citizens having a rest there, and also fishermen, owners of boats and boats. One defaulter - the man with credit debts of 330 thousand rbl. then police officers have seized property of the debtor - an inflatable boat, a spinning and a mobile phone has been as a result found. Search of debtors on beaches is a novelty in practice of employees FSSP. Earlier police officers already searched for debtors among drivers, spending joint spot-checks from traffic police, and also monitorili social networks on the Internet. But for certain still there are places not mastered by police officers and ways for search of hiding debtors.

Tatyana Vedeneyev, the TV presenter:

- If they find the victims even on a beach it is more than them already anywhere you will not send. There are certain representations about private human life, and to break them have the right nobody. If the person goes to business trip or makes purchases, in that case court enforcement officers on the full basis can demand to repay debts existing at its. But as, and the main thing, to what sign it is possible to calculate the debtor on a beach, to me it is not clear. Court enforcement officers much that have thought up recently, but beach hunting is a full nonsense.

Joseph Prigozhin, the producer:

- In the Internet, and at once with submachine gunners. To catch defaulters at concerts or exhibitions - to spoil mood another having a rest. I, of course, understand: work at police officers such, but after all the person at any work it is necessary to remain. And on the Internet it is possible to catch not only defaulters of taxes, malicious uklonistov - persons paying alimony, but also pirates. Here also it is necessary to be engaged in these persons, instead of to catch on a beach of the one who could not pay in time the credit to bank.