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That with fight to take in Primorski Krai

In Hasansky area of Primorski Krai yesterday the first stage of antiterrorist doctrines in which all power structures of region have taken part has come to the end. Special divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and FSB have successfully detained group of conditional terrorists, about it the edge Department of Internal Affairs has reported. By data the place of doctrines has been chosen not casually: in Hasansky area president residence Russian Federation building is planned.
some hundreds employees of the Department of Internal Affairs, FSB, the Ministry of Emergency Measures took part in antiterrorist doctrines in Hasansky area (the area is located on jugo - the West of Primorski Territory and borders about Democratic People`s Republic of Korea and the Peoples Republic of China), fighters of OMON and OMSN (group of militia of a special purpose). On the legend which has been given out to participants of doctrines, the group of conditional saboteurs has broken sea border of the Russian Federation and has landed in Hasansky area for the purpose of fulfilment of a series of acts of terrorism. The purpose of doctrines - to check up readiness of special services for reflexion of any terrorist threats, to fulfil questions of interaction of all power divisions on safety of citizens - has informed the head a press - services of the Department of Internal Affairs across Primorski Territory Irina Syrova. She also has added that during doctrines actions for safety within the limits of preparation for summit ATES which should pass in 2012 in Vladivostok are fulfilled also. Around doctrines traffic police posts have been strengthened, law enforcement bodies have addressed to local residents with the request to inform in militia on cases of occurrence of suspicious strangers. it was important to us to debug interaction of local residents and militia - madam Syrova has explained. As she said, thanks to vigilance of inhabitants of settlement the Slav conditional terrorists have been detained. corresponding phone call " has arrived; - has added the representative of the Department of Internal Affairs of Primorski Krai. In department have noticed that the first stage of maneuvers has come to the end successfully. The second stage of doctrines, already in other area of edge (the exact place yet is not called), will last till July, 16th.

meanwhile local residents in blogs on the Internet complain of rigid actions of agents of national security. the militia catches conditionally diversionary groups. All it is expressed in overlapping of roads and potroshenii cars of respectable citizens. Saw, how from cars broke protection, removed sidushki, assorted panels of devices. In salon start the dogs searching for bombs - has informed, in particular, bloger shellador.

Meanwhile the veteran of KGB, and nowadays the deputy of a thought of Vladivostok from party Fair Russia Nikolay Markovtsev is assured that the choice of time and a place of doctrines of agents of national security is not casual. in Primorski Krai only recently liquidated a gang so-called the guerrilla, attacking militiamen. And in Hasansky area, as it is known, to summit ATES it is planned to construct the state residence. It is possible to tell that agents of national security learn to protect president residence from possible followers seaside the guerrilla - deputy Markovtsev considers.

we Will remind, in June of this year in Primorski Krai the gang so-called seaside the guerrilla into which structure, according to the investigation, entered six persons (two of them has been liquidated have finished itself at detention, four are in custody). To members of group it is incriminated four attacks on militiamen - two guards have been killed, four have got wounds.

building of the state residence Russian Federation (the planned area of constructions of 26,5 thousand sq.) on peninsula Gamova in Hasansky area of Primorski Territory is provided by amendments to the federal target program Economic and social development of the Far East and Transbaikalia for the period till 2013 Confirmed by the governmental order from November, 28th of last year. The state customer of object who is supposed to be constructed to summit ATES of 2012 in Vladivostok, the Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation is.

however, of the Department of Internal Affairs of Primorski Krai in reply to it assure that doctrines in Hasansky area have planned character . they are not connected With recent events in any way - Irina Syrova has declared.