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Gazprom oil interferes on LUKOIL territory

Gazprom oil can enter the retail market of fuel of Bulgaria where one of leading players is LUKOIL owning in the country NPZ. Under the informal information, the seller 200 gas stations Bulgarian Petrol expect to receive for an active 200 - 300 million, however Gazprom oil it is not ready to pay more 100 million
Yesterday Dow Jones referring to the Bulgarian newspaper Dnevnik daily has informed that Bulgarian Petrol AD carries on negotiations with Gazprom oil about sale 200 gas stations. It is expected that the transaction will be concluded in a year and the sum will make 200 - 300 million phones Petrol AD did not answer Last night, in oil Gazprom on a situation have refused to make comments.

but in April the assistant to head oil Gazprom Anatoly Cherner who is responsible for processing and marketing of oil products, spoke about interest to gas station networks in Europe, if they logisticheski are connected with factory NIS (it is under control oil Gazprom ) . NIS it is located in Serbia next to Bulgaria where the concern posesses 475 gas stations. Now there is a factory modernisation, and in 2012 it will let out production corresponding to the European standards. Negotiations with Petrol really go, however it is impossible to tell that they are in an active phase, assures a source familiar with a course of discussion of the transaction. As he said, the Russian company is ready to pay in two - three times less, than the named sum. In total at oil Gazprom now 1,5 thousand gas station taking into account belonging NIS.

Purchase of retail networks in Bulgaria will increase profitableness of the Balkan business of the company, Vitaly Krjukov from IFD " marks; Kapital . But in Bulgaria oil Gazprom it is necessary to compete to LUKOIL, Alexey Kokin from IFK " adds; Metropol .

to LUKOIL in Bulgaria belongs NPZ, and now the company is the second after most Petrol the owner of a network of the gas station in this country. Yesterday in LUKOIL have refused to make comments on interest to refuellings which can sell Petrol. In total in Bulgaria about 3 thousand gas station, on share Petrol it is necessary an order of 450 stations, at LUKOIL of an order 300 gas stations, including working under a company brand. In the property LUKOIL in Bulgaria has 104 gas stations, is told on its site.

in 2007 LUKOIL tried to collect in a judicial order with Petrol Holding debts at the rate about $60 million, arisen within the limits of the agreement from 2001 about fuel deliveries. In this connection the court accepted obespechitelnye measures concerning 99 gasoline stations Petrol AD which have been arrested. In 2008 LUKOIL has agreed about purchase at Petrol 75 gas stations for 156 million However the increased presence of the Russian companies in the market of oil products of the country can cause anxiety of the Bulgarian government and prevent the transaction oil Gazprom Alexey Kokin from IFK " warns; Metropol .