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To farmers have written out the insurance

the Management of the Chelyabinsk area has thought up how to compensate losses of agricultural branch from natural cataclysms. Yesterday governor Michael Jurevich has given the commission to heads of municipal unions of region in 2011 to achieve that not less than 50 % of crops in region it has been insured. However neither farmers, nor insurers do not believe that these plans vypolnimy as often to prove insured event approach it is impossible.

As have told in a press - service of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Chelyabinsk area, yesterday at hardware meeting governor of the region Michael Jurevich has given the commission to speed up to heads of settlements work on insurance of crops the next year. this year in the Chelyabinsk area crops of any of agricultural productions have not been insured - the head of region has informed. Meanwhile, this year farmers have faced a serious problem. As a result of the hot weather established in the Chelyabinsk area it is ruined more than 736 thousand hectares of crops (more in detail wrote about it in 121 from July, 8th). As a result, as mark in minselhoze, for today farmers managed to prepare only third of the planned volume of forages (45 thousand tons of hay or 23 % from planned and 60 thousand tons senazha or 9 %). The forecast on harvesting for 2010 is lowered from 2 million tons of grain to 600 thousand tons. The damage from a drought, at a rough guess departments, can make to 8 mlrd roubles.

for increase of interest of farmers to insurance of crops the government of the Chelyabinsk area intends to allocate with it the next year 150 million roubles. As the Minister of Agriculture of area Ivan Feklin has told , the basic arrangement that in 2011 from regional and federal budgets about 80 % from the sum of an insurance payment (an expense for insurance will be compensated is reached make from 350 to 500 roubles on hectare). According to Chelyabinsk minselhoza, from the federal budget for indemnification of expenses for insurance can be allocated next year 200 million roubles. considering corresponding financing on entering of insurance payments from federal and regional budgets, and also means of peasants, next year it will be possible to insure from 800 thousand to 1 million hectare of grounds. The main task - to secure the south of the Chelyabinsk area where it is a lot of areas under crops (1, 7 million hectare. - ) - Michael Jurevich has declared.

farmers doubt that insurance can secure agricultural productions. According to chairman SHPK the Troitsk farmer Vladimir Silin, the basic barrier to insurance distribution in agriculture is imperfection of the Russian legislation. insurance of crops is a full absurdity. I insured three years the crops on end until last year the drought and a hailstones have not destroyed a forage on 150 hectares, but to receive the insurance I and could not - he has told. According to mister Silin, a problem that the insurance companies use the typical contracts recommended by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation in which are registered for definition of insured event a number of criteria (in particular, the quantity of daily deposits, humidity level, air and soil temperature). These data under the contract can give only gidromettsentr, however the most part of territory of the Chelyabinsk area simply is not traced by meteorological stations. In my case, for example, the meteorological station is in Troitsk, and a field in 50 km from it. Besides, on conditions of the insurance contract it was necessary to present data on a productive moisture in soil, however the meteorological station of such data simply does not conduct - the farmer has explained. Also, by words and. An island of head of a country economy the Alpha (the Chelyabinsk area) Alfii Shafikovoj, a barrier to insurance is its high price. the insurance is optimum at the big areas - 1 - 2 thousand hectares, and we sow only 200 hectares, in this case insurance payments will eat all profit - madam Shafikova speaks.

Insurers agree that conditions of insurance to agricultural productions sometimes to execute difficult. The general director of the insurance company Northern treasury Alexander Merenkov: Any insured event should be confirmed documentary, and if specifications order inquiry reception gidromettsentra, bypass them we too we can not - he has noted. Besides, as the assistant to the general director " marks; Reso - the Guarantee Igor Ivanov, insurance of agricultural manufacturers also becomes complicated that it is heavy enough to estimate risks in this sector, and similar insurance demands reinsurance . But resafety business in Russia is developed poorly, and the western companies are sceptical about risks of the Russian agriculture - he has noted. Thus, according to mister Ivanov, this kind of insurance can be developed only under condition of increase of operating tariffs. to insure agricultural manufacturers it makes sense, if this kind of insurance becomes mass and if to work only in one region where every two year a drought or tariffs will be very heavy, or insurers will be ruined - it has explained.