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Break in a policy

Women for the present do not do the Japanese policy, but very much it decorate
the First Japanese woman who has made serious career in a big-times politics, became to Takako Milk , the former leader sotspartii Japan, achieved in due time election as the speaker of parliament (in 1993). Its popularity was promoted rather high growth for Japanese (170 sm), by a sharp voice, rigidity of statements and absolute fearlessness in struggle against opponents. Besides other advantages the electorate adored it for passion to playing automatic machines pachinko (it, speak, was even the champion of Japan on competitions for prize-winning balls).

the Star of a new wave in a political sky the popular TV presenter, and since 1992 - the active participant of political life of Japan is considered Juriko Koike , in the past. It has passed a way from the deputy of the lower chamber of parliament to a post of the minister of environment (2004) and the Minister of Defence (2007). And in 2008 in the co-authorship with other women - politicians has written the book Great strategy of the Tokyo women in which the aspiration to female political leadership is unambiguously formulated.

appointment Makiko Tanaka , daughters Naoki Tanaka, the former prime minister and kingmejkera a political behind the scenes, head it is possible to recognise the Ministry of Foreign Affairs safely as the most scandalous female break in a policy. The housewife who practically does not have diplomatic experience, it undertook to reform the most conservative department and establishment as a whole that for it has come to an end is sad - scandalous resignation. Japanese members of parliament she named hopeless idiots . Voters loved it for temperament and a manner to put on: Vests with short sleeves and dresses instead of strict suits - the shocking dress for the Japanese politician.

a name Majumi Morijama remains in the annals of Japanese feminism. It in 1990 became the first woman in the history of the country selected in the government. Held a post of the Minister of Justice, and among the feministic public it is known for the active struggle for cancellation of an interdiction for presence of women at competitions sumo.

the Daughter of the Taiwan businessman and the Japanese, moved with a family to Japan at teenage age, 42 - summer mother of twins and simply beauty, the madam Ho Ren - a show-window of Japanese feminism today. It has made a breath-taking career: the participant of advertising campaigns in students - the actress - the announcer of television - the deputy of parliament (since 2004). It became known for a sharp tongue and independence of judgements. In June there was its book Than badly second place or Why we should be the first caused brisk discussion in the country.