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In France the compromising evidence on the minister of work

the Minister of work of France Eric Vert is published denies the next charges of mass-media. This time him suspect that, being the minister of the budget, he has sold the friendly company at the lowered cost a hippodrome in Picardy.
mister Vert about one month is a target of the press which untwists two scandals, connected with his name. In - the first, the minister suspect that, being the treasurer of party Nicolas Sarkozy, it has illegally received from the proprietress of the company l`Oreal Lilian Betankur ˆ150 thousand cash for financing of election campaign of the future president. In - the second, at investigation of possible evasion from taxes of proprietress L’Oreal, it was found out that spouse Eric Verta worked in the company on management of capitals of Betankur.

on July, 14th in a press there was a new compromising evidence on the minister. This time article with charges in its address was published by satirical weekly journal Le Canard Enchaine. According to the newspaper, six days prior to addition from itself powers of the minister of the budget, mister Vert “ on cheap stuff has sold a site of Kompensky wood with a hippodrome and a platform for a golf of friendly association “. All it has got to the Society of races of Kompeni which rented before these platforms, for ˆ2,5 million “ He/she is God knows that! It is sold not at the price of a bread piece, and at estimated cost “ - the minister on air of radio station RTL has declared. “ services on such possession were engaged in the Estimation, it costs so much how much it is used. Speech, naturally, does not go about the underestimated cost, it not the earth for building, it is the earth under a hippodrome “ - quotes its words of RIA “ News “.