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Not hot summer

First half of summer has not brought surprises in the market of city real estate: demand has fallen in full conformity with a season, the rouble prices have slightly raised according to dollar growth. However even such result testifies that the market was stabilised. Developers expect autumn jump of the prices and do not hasten with new offers.
slow restoration
the Market of the Moscow habitation continues to be restored after crisis. According to the analytical centre of agency MIAN, in June average cost of square metre in new buildings has grown on 0,5 % and has made 158,7 thousand rbl. the Greatest rise in price is traditionally observed in the most demanded segment ekonomklassa - on 0,6 % (115,5 thousand rbl./ sq.), habitation business - a class has grown in the price for 0,4 % (164,3 thousand rbl./ sq.), cost of elite offers remained without changes (512,4 thousand rbl./ sq.). However, in the secondary market the typical and elite habitation in June has shown negative dynamics - the prices have decreased on 0,25 % (139,8 thousand rbl./ sq.) and 0,1 % (350 thousand rbl./ sq.) accordingly.

also some developers carry out actions and give discounts, not too it advertising. at apartment purchase in a housing estate Skye - the Fort which is erected in the south of Moscow, it is possible to receive interest-free instalments at lowered to 30 - 40 % an initial payment, special conditions will operate till August, 31st. Mashinomesta in new inhabited a complex in the street Giljarovsky, 55 20 % " are offered at a discount; - the general director of company Est - a - Tet Kajdo Kaarma results examples.

However, the majority of participants of the market hopes for autumn revival and is ready to reconcile to a small amount of sales. in the Moscow market of real estate approach of summer and a season of holidays is felt. Buyers are present, but activity is lowered. Developers in the primary market do not expose new volumes and the best types of apartments in expectation of September and autumn activization of solvent demand - Vladimir Tribrat, the director for marketing GK " confirms; the Pioneer .

While activity of buyers is at low enough level. rates of increase of quantity of transactions now decrease, - Dmitry Taganov, the head of the analytical centre of corporation " marks; Inkom . - So, in March in comparison with February the gain has made 71 %. In April the volume of transactions has increased by 14 %. In May and June the given indicator has added only 5 - 7 %. The next months the quantity of transactions will decrease, aspiring to an indicator 6 - 7 thousand a month. Such tendency is caused by pent-up demand realisation. By our estimations, in the nearest some months demand will be fixed at stable level. For buyers of habitation on - former the parity the price - quality is in a greater degree important. Thus, good apartments at the adequate prices " use demand;.

Considerable liberalisation of mortgage lending, proisshedshaja in June (decrease in rates, reduction of an initial payment), slightly stimulated demand. reduction of an initial payment will not lead to sharp growth of number of given out credits as in parallel with reduction of an initial payment increase both requirements to the borrower, and the sum of monthly payments, - speaks Sergey Kushmenjuk, the general director of investment agency of real estate Kondr . - Currently not all potential borrowers can master the given conditions. But anyway it is necessary to note a positive trend: the mortgage is again interesting to banks, and they start to struggle for clients. The situation of year prescription when those few borrowers who has dared to take a mortgage in crisis, went on extremely severe constraints of banks " leaves in the past;.

Investment interest
On - former reluctantly is bought by apartments in houses of low degree of readiness, especially if building is conducted slowly. But actively under construction objects all - taki are on sale even during the summer period, show interest to new buildings and private investors.

to the most liquid addresses the situation as a whole has returned on pre-crisis level that proves to be true also stable rise in prices during the first half of the year (by estimations of analysts, 3 - 5 % a month), - Alexey Belousov, commercial director Capital Group speaks. - Despite the summer months traditionally characterised by decrease of indicators, we mark high interest to transactions, which podpityvaetsja including investment making Moscow real estate. Capital new buildings traditionally are the popular tool of the financial market, especially in the conditions of absence of worthy alternative: to speak about a securities market today it is not necessary, currency risks also are unfairly high. It is possible to assume that instability of an economic situation of the countries of an eurozone will lead to a conclusion investors of savings from the traditional accumulation which have thought highly by risky tools (banks, securities, currency) with the subsequent investment in the Moscow real estate as one of the most reliable ways of preservation and preumnozhenija the capital .

the Citizens enclosed from the decreasing dollar in euro, had in loss and now have paid attention to the market of real estate which is less subject to financial fluctuations and sooner or later comes back to a tendency of increase of cost - Alexander Ziminsky, the director of department of elite real estate of company Penny Lane Realty agrees.

growth Expectation
the Rise in prices will not begin before September - in it all analysts and participants of the market converge. now the market is in a stability condition - fluctuations of cost of square metre do not exceed 2 %. I believe, the next months the situation will not change - Dmitry Taganov speaks. The present situation is very comfortable for solvent buyers who can without hurrying up to choose an optimum variant.

in advantageous position there are now potential buyers of apartments business - and ekonomklassa: in these niches the wide choice in the primary market suffices. And here those who searches for objects in the higher price category, were late a little: under construction elite projects in Moscow no more than ten, and the most attractive apartments from the point of view of the price are bought already up. However, new objects already on the way. till the end of the year the market offer can increase by 100 thousand sq. M, including in a segment of habitation of high degree of readiness, and also superbonus apartments and apartments (the budget more than $10 million) - the director of department of inhabited real estate of company Chesterton Ekaterina Tejn confirms. Another matter that new objects will be for certain exposed on sale already on autumn to the prices.