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The Ukrainian president can return the lost powers

the Constitutional court of Ukraine will consider constitutionality of changes in the organic law according to which Ukraine has turned from prezidentsko - parliamentary in parlamentsko - presidential republic. Such claim was submitted by 252 People`s Deputies of Ukraine.
changes have been brought in the Constitution in 2004 and have come into force in 2006. According to amendments the president has lost, and parliament and the government, on the contrary, have got a number of powers. It is glad now selects the prime minister and ministers, members of the Central Electoral Committee and judges. For the president there was a right to bring on the statement of parliament of a nominee of the Minister of Defence, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, the general public prosecutor and the chairman of Security service of Ukraine. Present president Victor Yanukovych considers expedient to cancel the amendment of 2004. The overwhelming majority in the Ukrainian parliament (258 places from 450) belongs to a coalition as a part of presidential Party of Regions (190 places), Communist Party and Bloka Litvina.

In the beginning of July the coalition declared that intends to take out a question on cancellation of the constitutional amendments of 2004 on a referendum, but on July, 9th Is glad unexpectedly for regionalov has forbidden to take out this question on a referendum. For the corresponding decision 237 deputies have voted. The part of voices for was given by communists and representatives of Block Litvina. Nevertheless, on July, 13th in the Constitutional court of Ukraine the constitutional representation of 252 People`s Deputies of Ukraine about conformity of the Constitution of the law " has arrived; About modification of the Constitution of Ukraine from December, 8th, 2004, transfers RIA News .