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Temporary stagnation

For the market in June falling as volume of offers, and prices was characteristic. Obviously, this consequence not so much market, how many weather factors.
hot weather in Moscow and a holiday season promote calm in the market. So promote that Day of Russia (on June, 12th) this year has left a considerable trace in the statistican of an indicator of volume. For few days the quantity of offers in the market has fallen more than to 5 % that is comparable with traditional May a hole (from the end of April on the middle of May this year decrease has made more than 7 %).

But if in second half of May the volume indicator has aggressively won back back and has exceeded the domajskie values (compare: 76,120 points on April, 29th and 77,911 points on May, 29th) in June after holidays the indicator of volume and was not restored after local decrease (77,570 points on June, 8th and 75,021 points on July, 8th). Certainly, such disappearance of offers from the market is connected with the general slackness of participants of the market. A heat and a holiday season.

as a result of these events the price indicator has returned to levels of values of the middle of March (6,375 points on March, 14th and 6,380 points on July, 9th), having left, thus, behind local two-percentage peak (6,516 points on April, 27th).

the Long-term weather forecast for Moscow asserts that the heat will stay still for a long time. At least to the first of August. Of what we do a conclusion that in short prospect the market cannot show any signs of revival.

now against a heat and holidays by other factors it is possible to neglect.