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Yury Chernichenko

in Moscow on 81 has died Yesterday - the m to year of life has died Yury Dmitrievich Chernichenko - the journalist, the writer, public and the politician. He was born on August, 7th, 1929 in the city of Grajvorone of the Belgorod region. With 1950 - h years was engaged in journalism - at first was the employee of newspapers the Altay truth and the Soviet Moldova worked as the special correspondent " later; the Soviet Russia and Truths it was published in magazine the Banner . With 1975 for 1991 Yury Chernichenko was the commentator of the Central television, conducted transfer Rural hour . In 1989 has been selected by the People`s Deputy of the USSR, was a member of Inter-regional deputy group. In 1990 - the m became the co-chairman of the all-Union literary organisation in support of reorganisation April entered into secretary of the Union of writers of Moscow. In the beginning 1990 - h Yury Chernichenko has created the Peasants party of Russia. With 1993 for 1995 was the councillor of federation. In 1993 has signed collective the Letter of forty two - the public reference of group of known writers with the requirement to forbid all communistic and nationalist organisations to close oppositional newspapers, such as Day Truth the Soviet Russia .

In 1998, after the introduction of the Peasants party of Russia into a coalition the Just cause Yury Chernichenko was a part of coalition coordination council. After disintegration in 1999 the Just cause and formations instead of it the Union of the right forces (Union of Right Forces) the Peasants party of Russia on an informal basis was included into Union of Right Forces, and mister Chernichenko has been confirmed by the candidate from Union of Right Forces on Is mountain - to the Altay one-mandatory election district (a victory the leader of Country party Michael Lapshin, Yury Chernichenko has gained has typed 1,13 % of voices).

Last years Yury Chernichenko`s lives, according to the president of Fund socially - Sergey Filatova`s economic and intellectual programs, have passed in a house mode. Yury Dmitrievicha had very much a serious illness. First it came to the Union of the Moscow writers where was the co-chairman, but then has gradually departed from affairs - he has told.