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Vladimir Putin has told, how much wood pound

Yesterday the prime minister of Russia Vladimir Putin in Sochi studied a condition of the Olympic objects and talked to students strojotrjadov which on them work. The special correspondent Andrey KOLESNIKOV comes to a conclusion that the student has gone not that.
sport base Sports frankly it was pleasant to Vladimir Putin. Here there is a stadium, the regenerative centre, training halls, hotel for sportsmen. Here young men at the sight of the prime minister start to jump from delight, but the history is aggravated with that they jump on trampolines through a head. Other sportsmen feverishly twist pedals on training apparatus. The third are engaged in walking in cocoons with rarefied air... The celebration of national sports idea reigns in FGUP Sports And it proceeds here exactly until as the head coach Russian paralimpijtsev Irina Gromova says a premiere that it is necessary to do urgently something because sportsmen have no place to train absolutely.

- As it is no place? - The prime minister is surprised. - and here?

Everything that to it told and showed before, says that Irina Gromova has catastrophically confused something. But it is found out that anything.

is a regenerative centre, - it explains. - and where, for example, us on skis to train? There is a centre in Paramonovo, but it one for everything, we there will arrive and we will be, to put it mildly, playing a supporting role. And to us are necessary rollernye lines, a tunnel in the summer... I so understand, in Sochi it is necessary to win?

the prime minister embraces her and whispers in ear, but is very distinct:

- In Sochi all should be torn!

Irina Gromova attentively looks at it and nods. For it it not a subject of jokes, and the guide to action. It is necessary to tear, clearly.

but where to train paralimpijtsev that all then to tear, to it, on - to mine so till now and not clearly.

after FGUP Sports Vladimir Putin has gone to the under construction Olympic park stretched in territory of the Imeretinsky valley. Here there will be an ice part of the Olympic Games - skating both hockey palaces of sports and other ambitious objects.

while no especial bases for such ambitions are present. However, head Olimpstroja Tajmuraz Bolloev has shown a premiere a skeleton of an ice palace, having informed that in it already 37 m of height, and will be 50 and that builders go with a schedule advancing for three months.

but while the Olympic park can please hearts, perhaps, only ecologists: the valley is not spoilt by intervention of the person. Here, truth, remains some more houses which people refuse to leave till now and consequently tomorrow here there will pass the action on their compulsory eviction.

on objects except professional builders students strojotrjadov which the prime minister has met in a dining room " work; Olimpstroja .

Student Cyril Yerokhin has told a premiere what fatten them here (really seriously thinks of the most bad?) And it is much better, than houses.

- certainly, you do not do the house not a bit, and here work, - the prime minister has explained.

other student has told that after work it will receive the diploma mostovika the second category.

- I when worked in strojotrjade, have received the carpenter of the fourth category, - the prime minister has told. - so it is necessary to you as - that to be improved.

he has added that worked in Komi, cut a glade in a taiga, worked on 12 - 16 hours ...

It have asked, how many he earned. It was obvious that a question - not idle.

the prime minister has told about the same that has in detail stated in the book From the first person in 2000: that for one and a half month has earned 900 rbl. that half from them has left with friends in Gagrah, and on other half has bought a coat which carried as early as years ten. Thus the prime minister in conversation with students has lowered some touching details about that money in Gagrah has left on port with a shish kebab and that their rests have hardly sufficed on tushenku and the ticket on sentimental travel by a steamship to Odessa, - it is obvious, was afraid that students can apprehend this story too as the guide to action.

- in a taiga an axe threshed... I then was engaged in sports, - the prime minister has added, - and considered itself as the most healthy. And so, it has appeared not so. Primitive, of course, work as an axe to wave, but when for 12 hours...

here the reasons of such steadfast interest at last were found out from students to premerskomu to the past. One of them has told that the average salary in strojotrjadah now 17 thousand rbl. and that it, of course, not that was at the time of mister Putin.

the prime minister has categorically disagreed. He has told that students work in Sochi, and it brought down wood in Komi.

- At all of us - taki here mountains... - the student has disagreed, hinting at rarefied air in the Imeretinsky valley.

- at you here all - taki Sochi, instead of Komi, - has shaken a head of premieres.

personally students have upset me. They elicited at the prime minister various privileges, including tax, with such passion from what they should work on objects.

- and tax privileges are necessary? - The prime minister asked again. - in what you are engaged, all - taki not charity. You work, work well... We with the limited possibilities give to people privileges. And at you - that - unlimited!

student Kuimov has complained that would like already to start to pass on the experience to schoolboys, but for this purpose they in Novosibirsk do not have adjusted channels. But he very much would like to be engaged in it.

- Be engaged! Or you want, that I have blest you? - The prime minister has asked again. - there are no channels? And at party movements, for example, they are not present? Young guards ? Ours ? Others any?

any others he, however, apparently, did not know.

- on - to mine, they not so are engaged in schoolboys, - the student has shrugged shoulders.

the prime minister promised to talk to those who is engaged, and not in schoolboys, and Ours - that already at last have worked.

they to it complained of an inattention of builders, and he suggested to struggle with student`s bureaucratism and more actively to co-operate with a student`s staff, which on coast should adjust work with Olimpstroem .

have again returned to work of the prime minister in strojotrjade.

- As you had a rest? - Have taken an interest at it.

- Yes time - that was not, - the prime minister explained. - know, how many there mosquitoes? To be smeared with a cream it is impossible, because sweat flows directly in eyes when an axe you wave, instead of it is impossible to use too - will gobble up...

- well and love - that? - Continued to try to find out at it.

- About love in strojotrjade I will not hide, - mister Putin has declared. - but I will tell to you separately. Certainly, was.

students, on - to mine, have sighed with simplification. At last - that it became clear, in what direction to work.