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Rostehnadzor has estimated work energetikov in hurricane

Commission Rostehnadzora has finished investigation of the reasons of mass switching-off of an electricity in the Nizhniy Novgorod region. On it yesterday has informed a press - service Volzhsko - Oksky management of department. We will remind, on June, 12-13th, 2010 from - for the hurricane which has captured severo - the western part of region, without an electrical supply within several days there were some areas of area. According to Rostehnadzora, have complicated failure liquidation, in particular, narrow glades, from - for what trees fell on the wires, insufficient financing of works on clearing of lines of high-voltage lines, and also absence vysokoprohodimoj a special equipment for delivery of the personnel and materials to boggy sites of lines of high-voltage lines. Rostehnadzor has ordered to branch Nizhnovenergo Open Society MRSK the Center and Privolzhja to equip divisions with a corresponding special equipment, and till October, 1st, 2010 to clear away glades. Besides, energetikam it is offered to provide repair brigades with independent communication on a case of faults in work of mobile operators.