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In bankruptcy with the

the Novocherkassk factory of synthetic products (NZSP) last week has demanded in the Rostov arbitration to recognise itself as the bankrupt. At the same time month before Severo - the Caucasian district arbitration under complaint NZSP has cancelled supervision introduction at the enterprise which has been initiated Open Company the Cascade - Protection - Service . The expert considers, actions of management NZSP are caused by desire to enter into procedure of bankruptcy with the arbitration managing director.

Open Society Novocherkassk factory of synthetic products (NZSP) has put in in arbitration court of the Rostov region the statement with the requirement to recognise as its bankrupt. Statement NZSP is registered by court on July, 9th, 2010, informed on a site of the Supreme Arbitration Court (YOU).

At the same time on a site YOU the information that Federal arbitration court Severo - the Caucasian district (cassation instance) under complaint NZSP has cancelled definition about introduction at this enterprise of procedure of the supervision which have been taken out by the Rostov arbitration on April, 9th, 2010 under the statement of Open Company " is placed; the Cascade - Protection - Service which has made to the debtor of the demands at a rate of 5,8 million roubles.

on April, 5th, 2010 NZSP has made the complaint with the requirement to cancel supervision introduction, and on June, 10th its cassation instance has satisfied on the ground that the court of the first instance did not direct the notice on a place and time of judicial session to the representative of founders of the debtor, than has broken norms of a procedural right . severo - the Caucasian court has returned Open Company statement the Cascade - Protection - Service on repeated consideration in the first instance where it will be considered on July, 19th.

As have explained in court, statement NZSP for own bankruptcy can be considered court only after removal of any decision under the statement the Cascade - Protection - Service .

According to the documents placed on a site of YOU after concerning NZSP supervision has been entered, requirements to the debtor have shown about two tens creditors.

Open Society NZSP it is formed in 2003 as a result aktsionirovanija FGUP. Now owners of the enterprise are the Moscow Open Company agro - Invest (74,5 % of actions) and the general director agro - Investa Oleg Savin (25,5 %).

In 2009 NZSP has stopped manufacture of basic production - metanola, having explained it falling of demand and the prices on metanol in this connection its release became unprofitable. The administration declared intention within two years to spend modernisation of the basic manufacture which will allow to lower the cost price of production and to make the enterprise competitive. It was supposed that in modernisation it will be invested more than 12 mlrd roubles.

According to Open Society report NZSP for the first quarter 2010, now the most part of a gain to the enterprise gives rendering of utilities to the population of Novocherkassk - parosnabzhenie (34 % from a gain following the results of 1 sq.) Water supply - (23,1 %) and water removal (12,6 %). The gain of Open Society following the results of the first quarter has made 118 million 487 thousand roubles that on 48,7 % it is less, than in the first quarter 2009. Dead loss - 53, 272 million roubles.

following the results of Open Society first quarter NZSP was in arrears before suppliers and contractors at a rate of 380,401 million roubles, including delayed - 313,451 million roubles.

the general director of Open Society NZSP Marina Kajgorodova to make comments on a current situation has refused. With Open Company management the Cascade - Protection - Service it was not possible to communicate.

Logic of a current situation very simple. Probably, the debtor realises that bankruptcies not to avoid. Thus it would like to enter procedure of supervision with other arbitration managing director. It is possible to assume that the debtor will liquidate a debt before the creditor - the applicant. In this case the court will not have bases for supervision introduction under its statement. And then the court will consider the statement of the debtor for own bankruptcy, will enter supervision and will appoint the time managing director offered by the debtor - the operating partner of the legal company " has assumed; Aksjuk and partners Alexey Aksjuk.

we Will remind that in June, 2010 management on tax crimes of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across the Rostov region has raised in the relation of the general director of Marina Kajgorodovoj criminal case on suspicion in non-payment of taxes. On versions of the investigation, management NZSP ignored notices of tax departments, and arrest has been put enterprise accounts. Then the general director has opened the new account in one of the Moscow banks where means from sale of a breakage and a waste of ferrous metals which remained after dismantle of the basic industrial equipment were listed. The consequence asserts that tax departments have not been notified on movements of means on the second bank account therefore for one and a half year the enterprise has run into debt more than 24 million roubles of tax payments. As have informed in area law enforcement bodies, the consequence on the given case is not finished yet.