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To set aside without the invitation

On the past yesterday in Ufa plenum of board of the Union of journalists (SZH) republics process of early election of the chairman of the organisation is initiated. The operating head of SZH Farid Ahmadiev in which relation attempts of discharge from a post earlier were twice undertaken, has not been invited to plenum and intends to recognise through Ministry of Justice the decision on congress convocation illegal.
yesterday in Ufa plenum of board of the Union of journalists of republic on which the decision to spend extraordinary congress SZH where the new chairman of the organisation should be ahead of schedule selected was accepted on August, 27th has taken place. As trustee SZH, the director of State Unitary Enterprise " has told yesterday ; the Bashkir publishing house Kitap Zufar Timerbulatov (in the past the Minister of Press of Bashkiria. - ), on plenum there were 19 persons (all as a part of board of 27 members. - ), the decision on inclusion in the summons of congress of a question on re-election of the chairman it is accepted unanimously . Congress convocation has ripened, and it needs to be spent in the near future as under the direction of the operating chairman organisation work is almost paralysed - mister Timerbulatov has declared. As he said, for preparation for congress the organising committee which was headed by him is created, in the primary organisations of the union work on election of delegates has begun.

the operating chairman of SZH Farid Ahmadiev selected in December, 2006 for a period of five years, did not participate in extraordinary plenum of the union, as on it has not been informed also considers it illegitimate . the union Charter provides that for legitimate convocation of congress the executive committee and board decision on which there should be operating head SZH is necessary, or trustees should make to the chairman of demands about convocation of extraordinary congress. Other variant is not present - mister Ahmadiev has reminded. The chairman has regarded actions of colleagues on the union as Continuation of a policy of splits of the organisation also has declared intention to address in Ministry of Justice on purpose to achieve a recognition of decisions of plenum by the illegal. Chairman SZH Besides, has declared, it plans to dispatch to rank-and-file members of the union (according to the organisation, into the union enter more than 1,1 thousand journalists. - ) telegrammes with an appeal to boycott illegal a forum.

earlier mister Ahmadiev addressed in Office of Public Prosecutor of Bashkiria with the statement for attempt rejderskogo capture of the Union of journalists ( wrote about it on May, 27th). Then the group of editors-in-chief of the state newspapers of republic also initiated its preschedule resignation in infringement of the charter of the organisation, and mister Timerbulatov has proclaimed itself the new chairman. On June, 29th, the chairman has informed, it has received the answer of the Ministry of Justice of republic, in which passed in May similar extraordinary plenum the organisations has been recognised by illegal.

the Conflict in the Union of journalists of Bashkiria has arisen in March after Farid Ahmadiev has addressed to the president of republic Murtaze Rahimovu with the post card in which has specified on incompetence the former head of department on affairs of the press of Bashkiria Edward Juldasheva. Leader SZH has demanded immediate resignation of the official who has dismissed without assigning any reasons of several editors of local newspapers. Business has received the big public resonance therefore the head of region has signed the decree about dismissal of mister Juldasheva, and its orders for dismissal of editors have been cancelled. Practically at once have begun attempts to displace with a post of chairman SZH of mister Ahmadieva. The chairman of the organisation has connected it that eks - the chief of the department to it has not forgiven resignation .

Experts consider that the prolonged personnel conflict in the Union of journalists reflects the general personnel and ideological deficiency in the media environment of Bashkiria. Chairman NKO Tolerance eks - the deputy of State meeting of republic, journalist Edward Murzin believes that squabbles in the union solve nothing and to become status, essentially other leader " is necessary for the organisation; but speech does not go about the former Minister of Press. to the union of journalists in republic to eat than be engaged. To the organisation followed actually defend a freedom of speech and to promote distribution to democracy mass media as it is registered in its charter. It is necessary to write more, at last, about programs of development of the state which are offered by the president of the country instead of to divide a place of the chairman .