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Auctions on the right of working out of deposits of basalt

Winners of auctions on the right of use of bowels for the purpose of geological studying, investigation and extraction of basalts in Bashkiria Open Company steels " have taken place on July, 8th; EkoResurs (Ufa) and Open Company the System - With (Samara), have informed yesterday in Management on nedropolzovaniju on republic. On the auctions two deposits of basalt - the Bishbashevsky area in territory of Beloretsky area and Southern - the Semenovsky site in Bajmaksky area were exposed. Following the results of the auctions the right of working out of the Bishbashevsky area, the reconnoitered which resources of metabasalts make on category 2 1,7 million t and are suitable for manufacture mineralovatnogo raw materials, has won Open Company EkoResurs . At starting cost in 305 thousand rbl. the prize has left from auction for 335,5 thousand rbl. Auction on the right of working out and extraction of basalts Southern - the Semenovsky site which stocks are estimated in 600 thousand Cubic metre on category 3 also are suitable as a facing stone, has won Open Company the System - With . The final price of a prize has made 150 thousand rbl. at starting cost in 117 thousand rbl.