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mezhprombank plus - a minus

mezhprombank plus has stopped to accept population contributions, has reported RIA Novosti news agency . This information have confirmed in Agency on insurance of contributions. Under the informal data, the Central Bank has limited operations daughters the International industrial bank (MPB) before the termination of re-structuring of the credit. In MPB deny restriction of operations in affiliated bank.
mezhprombank plus has stopped to accept contributions, has informed yesterday agency RIA Novosti news agency referring to employees call - the bank centre. In Agency on insurance of contributions know that mezhprombank plus has suspended reception of contributions of the population, the assistant to general director ASV Andrey Melnikov speaks.

mezhprombank plus (the former KB Preobrazhenskiy ) It is created in 1996. In 2005 has been got by the International industrial bank for participation in system of insurance of contributions. According to the reporting placed on a site of the Central Bank, the net profit following the results of five months has made 12,7 million rbl. Now on 100 % belongs MPB the senator from Tuva Sergey Pugacheva.

In MPB deny the fact of restriction of operations of the affiliated bank. mezhprombank plus works in a usual mode and carries out all operations - has informed a press - secretary MPB Dmitry Morochenko, having found it difficult to explain the refusal fact in reception of contributions from the employee call - the bank centre. On a site mezhprombanka plus also yesterday there was no information on refusal of reception of contributions.

it not the first case of occurrence of the inconsistent information from MPB. In the beginning of month has appeared two variants of the June reporting of bank. After Has published the data from reporting MPB, testifying to sharp deterioration of a credit portfolio of bank - delay made more than 99 % from a credit portfolio (see from July, 9th), there was an alternative variant of the reporting where delay was already at level of 3 %. The source close to the Central Bank, has explained that the bank can give the second variant of the reporting if previous was erroneous. Any variant of the June reporting of Mezhprombanka is not published yet.

according to a source familiar with a situation, the termination of reception of contributions mezhprombanka plus it is connected with introduction of the Central Bank of restrictions on bank operations. As he said, these restrictions carry a temporality and should be removed, as soon as credit re-structuring before the Central Bank will be spent. Re-structuring bezzalogovogo the credit of Central Bank Mezhprombanku on 32 mlrd rbl. it has been declared on July, 5th. On such measure of the Central Bank has gone after the bank could not carry out the next payments on it for a total sum 11,5 mlrd rbl. the Credit is re-structured on half a year, in its maintenance ship-building actives of Incorporated industrial corporation are put, into which enters MPB (see from July, 6th).

the Source close to the Central Bank, has informed that the decision on bank operations accepts terupravlenie, but intention about temporary restriction introduction on reception of contributions (usually it operates about six months) was discussed. Analyst IK the Renaissance the Capital Andrey Markov considers that the Central Bank instruction can be the most probable explanation of the termination of reception of contributions in bank only. voluntary such cases it was not necessary to meet, - the analyst of the company " agrees; Sovlink Olga Belenkaja. - most likely, this requirement of a regulator . Yesterday it was not possible to receive the official comment of the Central Bank.

Structure of actives and passives mezhprombanka plus had interesting features. More than half of contributions it was necessary on deposits with term from one year till three years. Thus the bank placed the involved means almost completely in the interbank market. A credit portfolio of physical persons mezhprombanka plus it is extremely small, all 186 million rbl. whereas credits to banks made for June, 1st 3,36 mlrd rbl., mostly (more than 90 %) for the term from six months till one year. For the majority of banks such proportion is uncharacteristic, as a whole on bank system on interbank credits of such term it was necessary about 13 %.

At current succession of events round this bank ASV does not see neither financial, nor technological risks for system of insurance of contributions - mister Melnikov speaks. Accounts of physical persons for June, 1st, 2010 made 3,33 mlrd rbl. (169 - e a place among the Russian banks).