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the Balalaika will touch I smother Boris Barabanov about Variete mark Almonda
Mark Almond goes on tour This summer with the program devoted 30 - letiju its musical career. The new album " became a show basis; Variete in the first lines of the introduction to which the singer declares: the Small wooden scene behind a bar - here my place . In the target data of the first high-grade song of a plate the person on surname Fedorov appears. It not that of Feodors, which from Auktsyona and not that from Tequilajazzz. Alexey Fedorov - Russian soprodjuser mister Almonda. Among other they last year realised old dream of the Englishman, having let out the album of songs written down in Moscow from Vadim Kozin`s repertoire Orpheus In Exile . In Mark Almonda`s new work Feodor`s mister also the co-author of two new songs.

Also among founders of songs Michael Keshmor - the musician who makes related participation with mister Almondom in Current 93, a long-term multiseries epopee of the English mystic and the fan of cats David Tibeta is registered. Thus the basic author - Mark Almond, and in materials accompanying release specially is underlined that Variete - the disk of the singer entirely consisting of its author`s products first for a decade.

in the beginning of a new album Mark Almond gives out all that, for what so love it, and all that has set the teeth on edge for a long time already. Songs about bread and circus and about Nizhinsky`s my heart are solved in hysterical kabaretnoj to a manner which should squeeze out tear from the most stale listener. But addressees of these songs and without that are quite inclined to a sentimentality. The elderly emigrant to whom this disk will get to hands in any image, easily will understand, about what speech. In a song The Exhibitionist Echoes of firm arrangements of an orchestra of Lyudmila Zykinoj " are audible; Russia with which mister Almond wrote down Orfeja in exile . That is the balalaika again will touch soul. In the same way unmistakably Mark Almond finds road to hearts of the lived gays. The theme of eternal pretence, never-ending circulation of masks and loneliness in the middle of a holiday is fulfilled in an album how Mark Almond can make it only. And at the same time anything that could hook on the people speaking about same, but in more today`s language, - how it do today Amanda Palmer and Jayson Uebli in the project Evelyn Evelyn - in an album of Almonda is not present.

My life is similar to a make-up room drag queen, my memory is similar to bed of the prostitute... Mark Almond gives infinite variations on a theme of the text of a song of Freddi Merkjuri The Show Must Go On : heart is broken, the make-up falls off pieces, but a smile on a place. Mark Almonda`s album Variete it is possible to listen with aspiration, catching each unfavourable vital conclusion about destiny of the actor, and it is possible to turn a deaf ear simply because production of such quality and Mark Almond has let out the sea, well and its predecessors and inspirers, old chansonniers from Alexander Vertinsky to Jacque Brelja, have provided mankind with passions such for the millenia forward.

it is possible, something similar not on a wooden scene behind a bar, and on a mirror sphere of a disco appears through in header number Variete . But also this turn is predicted: against confessions of sad clowns there should be at least one king of a dancing. More or is less fresh on the general background the song " sounds; Cabaret Clown with keyboard in the spirit of The Doors. In general as approaching the ending Variete intrigues all more strongly. In full conformity with a history plot in the ending are located product under the name Swan song and an epilogue entitled a sin Song . As Mark Almond, after release " has already declared; Variete he is not going to write new songs.

Marc Almond Variete (Red Cherry Records)
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