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Extremely expected situation

the Unique question in the agenda of extraordinary session of State meeting of Bashkiria for the sake of which deputies have ahead of schedule withdrawn from holidays, remains liquidation of consequences of a drought. Under the official version, deputies should hear the report of premieres - the minister of republic Railja Sarbaeva of this theme. Thus informally it is expected that the president of Bashkiria Murtaza Rakhimov at session nevertheless declares leaving. Among the most probable successors of the head of region is called as the vice-president of board of Open Society “ RusGidro “ Rustem Hamitov. According to experts, unwillingness of local authorities on the eve of session to tell about preschedule addition of powers of the head of region it is dictated by attempt to calm local political elite.

today in Ufa extraordinary session of State meeting of Bashkiria in which agenda officially there is one question - liquidation of consequences of a drought will take place. Press - the secretary of premieres - the minister of republic Zuhra Saitkulova yesterday has confirmed „“ that the head of the government will address to sessions within the limits of the governmental hour with the report on this theme. The state adviser of the president of Bashkiria Sergey Lavrentev in conversation with „“, making comments on possibility of consideration by session of preschedule addition of powers by the president of republic, has asked “ not to hurry event “. He has noticed that today in republic “ there is no theme more important, than a drought “ also has denied the information that in parliament the nominee of head of region temporarily fulfilling duty will be co-ordinated. Informal sources „“ have thus informed yesterday that the decision on Murtazy Rakhimov`s preschedule leaving at session will be sounded („“ wrote about it on June, 14th). “ the Drought is only an occasion to collect an emergency meeting. The previous session of State meeting has passed on July, 8th, and about a drought at this time all knew “ - one of deputies of State meeting has assumed. As he said, preparation for extraordinary session “ for the first time in recent years passes in conditions of strict privacy “. In State meeting secretary yesterday nobody has wanted to tell about the questions offered to consideration. Contrary to the established practice the session summons has not been hung out and on an official site of State meeting.

meanwhile informal sources have informed yesterday that Moscow was defined with the most probable candidate on a post of the following president of Bashkiria. According to the interlocutor „“, close to the government of Bashkiria, it ostensibly is the vice-president of board of Open Society “ RusGidro “ Rustem Hamitov heading in 1994 - 1996 the Ministry of Emergency Measures and ecological safety of republic, and in 2000 - 2003 were the Main federal inspector on republic. Other interlocutor even asserts that today mister Hamitov will arrive to Ufa with informal visit in which frameworks will visit some actions organised by the Ministry of Internal Affairs on republic. In a press - service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs this information have not confirmed, as well as in a press - service “ RusGidro “. According to the head a press - services of the company of Elena Vishnjakovoj, in an operating schedule of mister Hamitova of a trip to Ufa are not present, and it continues to remain the regular employee “ RusGidro “.

the Deputy of State meeting of Bashkiria Oleg Polstovalov considers improbable that in parliament the nominee of president of Bashkiria temporarily fulfilling duty today will be named: “ Process can occupy more month. Under the law if the head of region has filed a resignation at own will, the president of Russia should accept the decree about the preschedule termination of powers of the higher official of the subject, and other decree to appoint temporarily fulfilling duties. Within two weeks the political party having the majority in State meeting (“United Russia“. - „“), offers not less than three nominees on the vacant post, one of which president of Russia within several days brings in local parliament. The state meeting after that within 10 days should make the decision on investment of the presented nominee with powers of the head of region “. Thus, the deputy has explained, the management of Bashkiria theoretically has a possibility to keep imperious positions, using the norm of the Constitution allowing the working president to leave on hospital or in holiday therefore its duties will be temporarily assigned on the prime minister - the minister.

the Ufa political scientist Albert Miftahov is assured that anyhow today resignation of the president “ will take place “ even if it it will not be officially declared: “ In the ranks of political elite of republic the panic, therefore an environment of the working president grows tries to keep to the last calmness and to show that the situation is under control, and possibilities of arrangements with the federal centre about the offer of the compromise candidate are not settled. Considering scale of forthcoming process of change of ruling elite of republic, this tactics is quite explainable “.