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Ayr - a Telecom intend to double number of subscribers in Tatarstan

Joint-Stock Company Ayr - a Telecom Holding till 2012 plans to increase quantity of subscribers in Tatarstan twice - to 2 million persons. The government of Tatarstan and Joint-Stock Company Ayr - a Telecom Holding yesterday have signed the cooperation agreement in the field of development infokommunikatsionnyh technologies and services. Today the company conducts activity in three cities of Tatarstan - Kazan, Nizhnekamsk, Naberezhnye Chelny. Coverage by services makes about 550 thousand households, from them 350 thousand households are already connected. As a whole across Tatarstan is an order of 1 million users of services of Joint-Stock Company. In creation of a corresponding infrastructure, building in territory of Tatarstan the company it is enclosed an order $30 million

Till 2012 the company plans to increase twice quantity of the connected households in republic (from 350 thousand to 700 thousand) And quantity of users (from 1 million persons to 2 million persons) - has informed a press - service of the president of Tatarstan referring to the chairman of board of directors of Open Company Perm financially - industrial group (the basic shareholder of Joint-Stock Company Ayr - a Telecom Holding ) Andrey Kuzjaeva. As he said, it is supposed to provide corresponding level of penetration within the limits of cooperation with Open Society companies Tattelekom Open Society TVT . Ayr - a Telecom renders services of access to the Internet, a cable television, IP - a telephony. The company works in 22 cities of Russia.