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Short detention

Field investigators of the Voronezh Municipal Department of Internal Affairs unsuccessfully tried to detain the head of branch Promsvjazbanka Alexander Donkareva. Him suspected of attempt at a bribe in 500 thousand roubles from the head of department of the organisation of road activity and passenger transportations of Voronezh Dmitry Krutsky. In law enforcement bodies consider that the mister Krutsky by means of militia aspired “ to close a question “ about payment to bank of the delayed credits “ firms under control to it “. The official says that the banker demanded a bribe, threatening “ to prevent career “.
the Information on attempt of detention of Alexander Donkareva was informed yesterday at once by some sources in the bank market and in region law enforcement bodies. According to interlocutors „“, field investigators have tried to detain mister Donkareva on Tuesday in second half of day. “ Dmitry Krutsky has arrived to an agreed place, has transferred to the intermediary - to the former subordinate Donkareva - 500 thousand roubles and has left. At the moment of transfer of money from the intermediary to the banker field investigators UBEP also have worked the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs “ - the representative of power structures on the condition of anonymity has told. As he said, both arrested persons almost at once it was necessary to release - the intermediary has shown to militiamen the receipt in which the mister Krutsky recognises behind itself a debt at a rate of more 3 million roubles, and money the official has ostensibly transferred within the limits of calculation on it. Officially in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs the information on incident did not confirm and did not deny. Criminal case till the end of yesterday has not been raised.

Dmitry Krutsky has stated the version of scandal with a bribe to the banker. “ Donkarev 3 million roubles demanded from me, threatening to prevent my official career “ - he has told, having refused to open other details “ in the interests of the investigation “. With Alexander Donkarevym yesterday it was not possible to communicate - its mobile phone has been switched off. At the central office Promsvjazbanka on scandal made comments carefully. “ operating branch of any charges it is not shown, employees of bank actively work with investigation agencies bodies to understand a situation “ - has assured „“ the head a press - services of the financial organisation of Evgenie Vatamanjuk.

Meanwhile interlocutors „“ in power structures consider that Dmitry Krutsky by means of militia tried “ to close a question “ about payment of Promsvjazbanku of debts under the delayed credits “ firms under control to it “. Under their version, more two years ago the mister Krutsky which enterprises then operated a number of large city passenger routes, took in Promsvjazbanke credits approximately on 260 million roubles on the transport purchase, in particular new buses a LiAZ. “ Money has been got on some structures, in particular, on Open Company “Πσρΰβςξ“ under control to it “ - the interlocutor „“ has noted. Over financial organisation branch then Pavel Moreno - Pali, the personal friend of the official supervised. “ when the bank division was headed by Donkarev, was found out that firms and people, on which Krutsky made out credits, do not pay tick. The banker has tried at first peacefully, and then and through courts to collect a debt. Trials proceeded within one and a half years, - has told a source „“. - However the official has decided to postpone at least a question on collecting of a debt with the help of history with a bribe. Calculation, probably, was simple - agents of national security of Donkareva will frighten, and he “will forget“ about the claims “.

the Mister Krutsky has rejected assumptions concerning not returned credit. “ earlier I really supervised “Rusavto“ and took credits in Promsvjazbanke. In 2007 the annual demand line of credit has been opened, but by the time of my leaving from the company the loan has been completely extinguished. Those who has received firm from me, prolonged arrangements and took new loans. But to these affairs I have no relation “ - he has told. The mister Krutsky also denied presence of the debenture and has informed in the evening that “ the intermediary has already given in evidence militia that took money for Alexander Donkareva “.

Meanwhile in the Voronezh regional arbitration there is a process under the claim of the co-owner of Open Society “ the Motorist - 10 “ Pavel Mamayev who challenges the contract of the guarantee from March, 21st, 2008 between the Voronezh branch Promsvjazbanka and the company - in the person at that point in time its general director Dmitry Krutsky - under Open Company obligations “ Rusavto “. According to court materials, it is a question of the credit in 200 million roubles which have been given out “ Rusavto “ in 2008 within March, 19th, 2010 under the rate of 14 % annual. While mister Mamayev managed to challenge in court the guarantee “ the Motorist - 10 “ on debts “ Rusavto “ however Promsvjazbank now challenges the decision.