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is obvious, Shakespeare all - taki has with an ulterior motive chosen Denmark as a scene of action of one of the most well-known tragedies - in his time small northern state promptly turned if not to a superstate, anyway, in the country involving creative ljud from all Northern Europe. And musicians including: not casually John Doulend, one of the largest authors for all history of the British music, some years worked in Denmark. Ensemble Les Witches executes the Danish court repertoire of times of king Hristiana IV in all its diversity - with composers not only Scandinavian, but also with German, and with English. Play the core dances but so that for a demotic party would begin a XVII-th century like too rich and even it is elaborate, but also for aristocratic ball too approaches with reservations: almost constantly then, there slips conspiratorially - daring folklore intonation. Only sometimes this live trembling relieved of everyone archival dust all - taki is covered important and on - protestantski with strict sounding, in particular, thanks to that in record the historical body which has remained since those times in Frederiksborg Palace was actively used.