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Oleg Betin officially became the governor

Oleg Betin in the fifth time has entered a post of the governor of the Tambov region. Its inauguration has passed on Tuesday. During ceremony g - n Betin has declared: I realise, what responsibility is assigned to me by time and complexity of problems. Today we have a historical chance to deduce region in number of front lines, to embody the trust rendered by the president in concrete, notable each inhabitant of area results. Thanks you big . We will remind that Dmitry Medvedev has submitted on June, 3rd for consideration the Tambov regional Duma Oleg Betina`s nominee for investment with its powers of the head of administration of area. And on June, 7th deputies have confirmed it as the governor of region for the next term. Besides, yesterday g - n Betin has confirmed the list of the basic assistants, actually, as well as it was supposed earlier, without having changed any of key vitse - governors. So, fulfilling duties of first deputies Alexander Dubovik supervising agriculture and wood relations, and also Alexander Sazonov who is responsible for legal maintenance of activity of administration of the region and the state civil service are appointed. Oleg Betina`s appointments will be taken out for approval by deputies of regional Duma at the nearest session. Besides, to a post zamov the governor are appointed Alexander Alabichev (the industry and the consumer market), Nikolay Gordenkov (public health services and socially - labour relations), Nikolay Konovalov (building and architecture), Nikolay Perepechin (TEP and housing and communal services), Sergey Tchebotaryov (interaction with political parties and public associations), and also Gleb Chulkov supervising a property complex of area.