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to Let out a collection of own smash hits which have been written down accompanied by an orchestra, - a course so natural to bottoms - or fate - the musician with the big catalogue what to manage to involve in a product how many - nibud a close attention hard. At present such disks print, that was what to sell during tour on an input in a hall. A disk Symphonicities it is positioned as the appendix to new concert round of Stinga, for which perearanzhiroval in orchestral co-ordinates classics The Police and hits from own albums. Symphonicities - possibility to leave from cultural luxe-class action not empty-handed. That will listen in the car on the way home. But whether here there will be at this album a second listening?

Certainly, it would be strange to assume that such master as Sting, would make a plate entirely consisting of scale versions of songs, made in the spirit of the Hollywood soundtracks. Such approach suits overwhelming majority of its colleagues. But Sting has written down enough live from the point of view of musical thought an album. When you see in the list of songs Roxanne it is difficult to believe that after three decades of a hard work this young lady of easy behaviour is capable to give clients surprises. It seems, after that has made with it Baz Lurman in a film Mulen Ruzh on it should not remain a live place. And nevertheless Sting has found new shades red in this history. It is impossible to come off again. And a song favourite by nations of the world Englishman In New York has not too changed - a reggae plus a swing. But orkestrovka does not look artificial. The song sounds so as if it is written yesterday.

If there is a desire to find in an album traces of experiments of Stinga of last years with medieval music and the British folklore, they on a new album will by all means be found. And the prejudiced critic, for which Sting - a synonym of excessive success and burzhuaznosti, most likely, will find to what to carp. It is an installation question. At the person who goes on a concert of Stinga with an orchestra, installation it is beautiful to have a rest. At Muscovites such possibility will be on September, 15th. The concert will take place in Crocus City Hall. An orchestra will specially bring from England.

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